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    Where do I start with chemical correction?

    FC: 0 PH: 7.2 TA: 90 CYA: 40 (how can it still be 40 from initial set up when we’ve added water a bunch of times?) Where do I start with correcting this? We have our house on the market and the balance got away from me. How long does the taking it down process take? I know it probably starts...
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    Pool vacuum or robot

    Hey all! Thoroughly enjoying our pool. Need recommendations for a pool vacuum or robot to help clean the bottom. Do the manual vacuums take a lot of time? Are any of the robots safe for our kind of pool?? I need bang for the buck. We have the Summer Waves Ultra 14’ x 42”. We are just using...
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    Confirm my numbers

    Is this 5 and 7.2? do I need to adjust the pH more? Summer Waves 14x42. CYA 40. Followed the seasonal pool instructions and used pool math.
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    Got it up and filled

    I started filling my Summer Waves 14’x42” yesterday afternoon. Continued filling this afternoon and it just finished at 11pm. I’m going to have to do the chemicals in the morning. Is there a step by step guide? I saw a guide for pools less than 3,000 gallons, but mine is bigger than that...
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    Chemicals question

    Filling my Summer Waves 14x42. At what point do you start testing the water and adding whatever it needs? and at what point can you swim in it?
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    Chemicals question

    Going to round up everything I need to get my pool up and the chemicals in. Is the Clorox line of pool chemicals at Walmart good? Not the tablets, but the Clorox brand of everything like Cyanuric Acid, etc? I'm trying to avoid our local Leslie's.
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    What a headache

    Still haven't gotten my pool set up. It's becoming such a headache and if my daughter didn't know I bought it, I would probably return it. I had one guy come quote me to level out the circle for a 14' pool, quoted me nearly $1000. Second guy came out and was like "it looks level, I think...
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    Pool installation

    I recently had another thread about putting in a pool in a rocky side yard of our house. I scored a 14' by 42" pool for a great price, so I need to rethink where I'm going to put it. Is it still possible to install on a rocky side yard if it will fit? My old thread has pictures. Can I...
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    Pool on rocky area

    Hi, I was considering getting a moderate size above ground pool. I don't want to kill the grass or take up our whole patio. Can I put one of these kinds of pools on top of an area that is made up of 'pathway fines'? Is there a style of pool you'd recommend for this? Is there a pad or some...