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    Have a sink hole in inground pool

    Hello . I have an inground pool which has been a nightmare since we bought the house last year. It was losing 400 gals a day last summer and I finally gave up on it in the fall. I figured the water would eventually stop dropping where the leak was. I had two pool guys come in, dyentest, pressure...
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Just a quick valve repipe so I can isolate the skimmer and see if that is the leak.
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Actually believe it or not I am a Water Treatment Operator so water chemsitry is no prob. I had to save the water that was neglected in the pool because if I drained it I may have lost the depp end to cave in. It was a murky pond left uncovered for years. I had been dumping hypo in it to keep...
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Also we need a pool cover. ....mesh or non mesh ? Leaning towards a safety cover...
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Well, to update this thread, two pool guys looked at the liner and said it’s not usable. It turns out I worked with someone who does pool work on the side. He came over to give me an estimate because he said he could do it alot cheaper than the bigger companies. was during that 100+...
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Here’s some pics. It doesn’t feel brittle but it would have to stretch alot .
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    New homeowner with Pool

    Hello, We are purchasing a house with what I would call basically an inground pool. It is roughly 15x32 oval and has a deep end. The pool is roughly 1-2 ft above grade at the rim with a deck around it. The liner was about 4 yrs old. The problem is the pool was never closed propertly and all the...