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    Change in RPM needed

    My AquaRite SWG is five years old I and have always been able to run my VSP at 1000 RPM for generating purposes. A bonus coincidence that when I need to backwash, the SWG stops generating because of low flow. My water warmed to the point that I turned my SWC back on but I got the low flow...
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    CYA test

    I have been using the TFP method since we bought the house almost five years ago. I feel quite comfortable with all the tests and maintaining my pool with relative ease and full confidence. Two years ago, I bought the R-7065 just to make ensure the test was accurate. In order to get the...
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    Clorox brand bleach has additives?

    I saw this in another post and wanted to inquire if this is the case and that Clorox brand should be avoided.
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    Cheapest place for a Hayward SWG cell

    Anyone have a recommendation? Also, any to avoid?
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    Is an annual deep cleaning of a sand filter always necessary?

    I use disposable hair nets or paint strainers in my skimmer and as a result I rarely have to backwash my sand filter (I think I backwashed twice last summer). If this is the case, do you still recommend a deep cleaning?
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    Water was golden yellow...

    I have never seen this much pollen before. I back-washed last night (didn't think to take a video until it was finished), and the water was literally golden yellow for about three minutes. The hairnets in my skimmer basket haven't been caked with pollen like some report on here and it...
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    Borates and bats

    I love the bats that live in our neighborhood and help eat the mosquitoes in particular. Last summer they moved, but the colony is thankfully back this year. I know that borates are not good for dogs to drink the water from the pool. The bats skim our pool nightly for water; are my borates at...
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    AquaRite generating but no lights will illuminate

    My AquaRite is 2.5 years old and is generating fine (FC is where it should be) but the LED display lights are not working and the display has become very clouded and impossible to read. It is located in a covered area along with the pump and filter. Any thoughts?
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    Indoor SWG pool for dogs

    We need to swim our dog for therapy and we are fortunate that there is an indoor dog pool in our area (she swims in our pool when it is warm enough). Knowing what I know about how most pools are kept, I have finally gotten the courage to ask the owner if I may bring my test kit at my next swim...
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    CYA after storm

    I did a complete battery of tests after the 15" of rain and five drainings to keep the pool from overflowing and they are as follows: FC 6.5 CC .5 PH 7.2 TA 50 CH 200 CYA 60 I added borax and baking soda last night and will add Calcium tonight. My question is, should I increase my CYA or...
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    Ongoing Major Rain Event

    I am on the peninsula of Charleston, SC and if you have been watching any national news, we are having historic floods and rainfall. In anticipation of the rains, I pumped out my pool level as low as I could yesterday morning. It didn't rain as much as was predicted yesterday, but it started...
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    Testament to the method

    We just returned from a month long holiday and wanted to report that my pool was in excellent condition all thanks to the TFP method! We had a friend stay at the house and clean the pool, but I really have my pool dialed in and believed that all would be well. We had a major rain event daily...
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    Just for fun...PS testing

    I had to buy a new handle for my vacuum head so for fun, I took a water sample to a national chain PS ( is a unisex name). PS test results: FC 5 PH 7.6 CH 160 TA 70 CYA 100 Salt 3000 Taylor K2006C test results: FC 8.5 CC 0 PH 7.5 CH 220 TA 70 CYA 80 Salt...
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    4th SLAM and it is a mystery

    I have had to SLAM my pool three times already this summer and now have to perform a 4th. I have had to add CYA three times this summer as well. The history of the SLAMS are: #1 My SWG flow sensor had to be replaced (understand the need for this one) #2 FC never dropped below minimum, but...
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    Hayward Unions and MPV replacement

    Just some information in case someone is replacing unions on a Hayward MPV. I bought these unions Flush Union 1-1/2 In Mip X 1-1 | Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products and was ready to install them directly on my MPV only to find the rings did not have enough clearance to have them...
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    Replaced a MPV and one threaded union is leaking

    Is it ok to remove the 1 1/2 inch threaded male union installed with teflon tape from the MPV and reinstall it? If so, what should I use to connect; telfon tape or plumbers putty?
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    Three SLAMs this year?

    I have done two SLAMs one just ending last Saturday. The first one occurred because my flow sensor on my SWG had to be replaced. The second one occurred a week and a half later and I have no reason why that would have happened as I maintain my pool like most of you religiously. Both SLAMs...
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    Help with Hayward Pro Series S210T leak

    Here are the pictures of the filter and the problem when I removed the old pressure gauge and replaced with a new one. It never seated properly and I have tried several minor fixes including the putty yesterday. Nothing is stopping the leak. My question, is there a fix for this or should I...
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    More CYA questions and info

    I have been following with great interest the threads about testing CYA. I have been "vigorously" shaking my CYA test as opposed to "tilting" back and forth to mix. I used my usual method which was vigorously shaking and hit my target of 70 ppm of CYA. I then immediately repeated the test...
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    Intelliflo VS Pump Priming every time power is turned off

    Every time I turn the pump off (to backwash, rinse, waste etc.), the pump primes again. I have gone into settings and changed the sensitivity setting from factory 1 to 100 but it still primes when the power is turned back on. I have also changed the priming delay to 10 minutes and it still...
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    0 psi on lower pump setting and 23 on highest pump setting

    I replaced my pressure gauge valve two months ago and thought the new gauge didn't register low enough (it was the only one my local plumbing store carried and I didn't notice until installed that it started registering at 20 psi) with a new one bought from TFTest. It registers 0 when I have...
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    Return angles

    I have been fairly successful with the angle of my returns, but given the shape of my pool and the placement of the returns and skimmer, wondered if anyone had any ideas for better circular movement. Please see the picture for placement. Prevailing wind is typically from the west (the picture...
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    Milky water and FC too high to measure!

    This is my first post and I want to start by saying thank you! I have had a pool for two years and with your excellent website, I have never had an issue with my pool. I don't drain my pool in the winter as we don't have freezing issues. I maintain the chlorine and PH chemistry in the pool...