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  1. jonredraider

    How many drops pentair rainbow test kit for chlorine

    I have a rainbow pentair water test kit that didn't come with instructions from my pool builder. All the bottles say how many drops to use except the chlorine one. Is it 5 or 1? Or something else I guess. Thanks
  2. jonredraider

    Unable to connect to pentair screen logic remotely this past week

    About the last week I've been unable to connect to my pentair screen logic system when I'm away from my home. I checked the password and it is correct and I tried without a password just to be sure. I also tried removing and re-adding the system to the app. I am able to connect if I'm local on...
  3. jonredraider

    Basketball goal installation question

    My pool builder included a couple of umbrella sleeves and one of them is in a great place to put a single pole basketball hoop. Does anyone know if those fit nicely into an umbrella sleeve or does it require a different drilled hole? The follow-on question would be if I have to drill another...
  4. jonredraider

    New pool - builder still controlling water levels - weird?

    My pool has had water since mid-December. It's now mid-March. I've asked a couple of times if they want me to start adjusting the levels and adding chlorine and they have said "no. Not until they finish and I have completed pool school". So for these 3 months, they have done nothing but let...
  5. jonredraider

    Polaris pressure cleaner question

    Regarding the white float bulb on the back of the vacuum should it be empty and hollow or when I shake it should there be some water inside? My unit is pretty much brand new but when I shake it it seems already half filled with water somehow. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. jonredraider

    Yet another hot tub draining thread...

    Hi all, This is a great resource. Glad I found it! Anyway, just moved into a new house and noticed that the hot tub drains to pool level every night when the pumps rest. I have seen a lot of threads here and elsewhere with ideas. I don't think I have a check valve installed at all. Before...