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    Redoing kool deck

    Hi all. My kool deck is 10 years old and flaking in parts. Thinking of having it redone or maybe get something different. Has anyone had their kool deck redone? What did it cost? I got a rough estimate of around $7k for removal of the kool deck and replacing it with a concrete coating.
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    Solar pool heating

    I'm considering getting the pool heated. Is solar a good option? I've heard it only adds about 2 months to the swim season. Not sure if that's worth the cost. I haven't gotten any estimates yet but I'm assuming about $5k for my pool size. A neighbor mentioned they're going with Heliocol. I've...
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    Tree root under deck

    I recently noticed a root from one of the trees behind the pool growing alongside and under the decking. I had part of the root cut off near the top of the deck that was closer to the tree. I didn't realize the root traveled further down the walkway. The landscaper I hired never told me it went...
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    Cool decking peeling off

    Looks like I need to have my decking redone. My dog hit this one spot with her paws and the coating came off. It wouldn't look good to just repair the one spot and there are other areas where the coating is peeling off. Any idea what something like this costs to have done? Thinking of maybe...
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    In-pool alarm

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has found a good pool alarm to warn you if and when someone, whether a person or pet has fallen in the pool. All the ones I see on Amazon have no more than 3 stars. They either don't work all the time, batteries don't last, they quit working, and various other...
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    Pump not filling with water

    I have a Haywood 3200DR pool pump. The pump isn't filling when I run it. I've cleaned the gasket under the lid and made sure it is on tight but it is still not filling. It fills a little more than half way up. I also poured a bucket of water into the pump before putting on the lid. Do you think...
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    No power at pump

    Went to check the pool this morning and the pump has no power. Checked the circuit breaker and it wasn't tripped. Any idea what else to check?
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    pH low

    Hi, I went to do a water test today and the first test was for pH. It was extremely low, 6.2 or lower. I stopped doing any other testing as I thought the low pH would throw the other results off. Now I did add acid to the pool last night (Thurs.), only because I haven't added any in a while and...
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    Time of day to run SWG

    Hi all. I read on the website that it recommends running the SWG during the day when the sun is shining on the pool. I've always had the pump run overnight from 9:30 PM - 5 AM only because that's the way the pool installer set it up and I've left it that way. I figured it was because electric...
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    Tile separating

    I noticed that a section of the tiles are either separating from the walkway above them or just the grout has fallen out. Who would I call to repair something like that?
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    Drive Error, pump has stalled

    Just ran into this problem today on the Hayward Ecostar SP3200DR pump. Tried a couple of suggestions, turning the power off, making sure the motor spins, screws are tight, none of them worked. Any other suggestions or do I need a new pump?
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    Do I need a T-15 cell?

    Hi, my puppy chewed the cord to pieces on the Hayward Salt Cell. I have a 15,000-gallon pool. The cell I have is a T-15. I'm assuming the cord cannot be replaced and I need to order a neq salt cell. I see that the T-15 is for a 40k gallon pool. Just wondering would a T-3 or T-9 work. Is the T-15...
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    Puppy ripped out wire from SWG

    Adopted a puppy two weeks ago, today while I was out she decided to dig a nice big hole next to the pool equipment. She tore apart the grey wire that comes out of the black part on top of the pipe going into the SWG and into the ground. Now the SWG say No Flow. What is the wire for, where does...
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    Cartridge Cleaning

    Spent over two hours today cleaning my filters using the hose to get all dirt, dust, and other debris out. The dust storms out here in Arizona do quite a number on the filters. They go from being white to a dark brown. I should probably clean them more ofter then twice a year and that wouldn't...
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    Skimmer leak

    So it seems my pool has a leak. There's wet ground next to the cement not far from the skimmer. Had a pool plumbing company guy come out and take a look. He says usually the leak is at the skimmer. Also had me lower the water level saying that could be part of the problem. I had the water level...
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    Hayward cartridge pump O ring

    Cleaned my cartridge filters (4) and SWG today. The pool cartridge holder keeps leaking at the hinges. Tried tightening, lubing, cleaning, hitting it with a hammer to tighten it as far as I could. Still leaking at the hinges. O ring looks in good condition. Hayward DEX2422Z2 Filter Tank Seal...
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    Water test showing no chlorine and SWG showing low salt

    Hi, just got back last night from being deployed to Houston. Had a relative watch the dog and house. Kept the filters cleaned out but the vacuum was clogged and pool was dirty from a dust storm or two coming through. Don't know how long it's been that way but plenty of leaves, etc. at the bottom...
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    Not getting email notifications

    I'm not getting any email notifications on any of the threads I'm subscribed too or start. I've checked my settings and email and they are all correct, unless I'm missing something. Any ideas?
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    Replace light

    So the light in the pool went out. I'm assuming it died and needs to be replaced. I've watched some videos on how it's done and it seems fairly easy. I'm thinking of going with one of those fancy LED color lights. Any suggestions on a brand? Have no idea what type of light is in there now, just...
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    Water level low

    Hi, I noticed the other day the water level was a couple of inches below where it usually is and today it was even more, maybe double that. I played around with the float on auto leveler, think maybe I adjusted it the wrong way. Right now I have the hose adding water to the pool and turned off...
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    Emptying pool and refilling

    Hi all. I have a SWP 10k gal. The waters at least 3 years old, figured it's time to change the water. Just wondering should I scrub down the walls and if so, with what? The walls don't look bad except at the water line where there's a white line. How many bags of salt do you think I should add...
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    Pump not filling

    Trying to figure out why the pump basket isn't filling. The only time it does is when I pour some water in so it can prime. I've checked to make sure the impaler isn't clogged by sticking a screwdriver in to feel if it turns, which it does. The pool vacuum seems to be working. Seems to prime...
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    Replacing salt cell

    Seems I need to replace my T-15 cell. Getting a continuous low salt reading of 2600. Brought a sample of water to pool supply store, their reading was 4k. I have cleaned the cell and filters recently. This has been going on for about 2 months with a low salt reading. I've added at least 2 bags...
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    Hayward Pump has stalled error

    I have a 3 yr. old (this month) Hayward EcoStar variable speed pump. Yesterday when I went to turn the pump on, I got a Drive Error - Pump has stalled. I have tried switching the power off and on, changing the rpm settings suggested elsewhere, neither of those worked. I checked to make the...
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    I was told not to add anything to the pool, just run it

    Hi and thanks for providing this site and all the information it provides. I'm a relatively new pool owner, 3rd summer coming up, still learning how to maintain it. I live in AZ and my pool is salt water, 10K gallons. I had an issue with the SWG, it was reading low salt, so I added salt...
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    Bugs in salt water pool

    I had a salt water pool put in last summer so bear with me as I'm still learning on what I need to do to maintain the pool. Right now, I'm seeing some type of "beetle" swimming around in the pool. Is there some way to get rid of these little buggers. :) I've had all the levels checked and...