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    Help with heater leak

    I need some help with a leak. I just replaced the cast iron headers on my Raypak 336A heater. I threaded the CPVC couplers directly into the cast iron flange as the install manual instructed. I tightened them as tight as I could but once I turned the pump on I have a leak from the threads...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    I have a Raypak C-R336A-EN-X ASME heater on my 30k gallon IGP. This is a Raypak Digital 336, ASME, commercial with Cupro-Nickel Heat Exc. I've only owned the pool for 2 seasons so I don't know the age of the heater. I had a slow leak at the outlet joint at the end of the swim season and I...
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    Algae Treatment and Vacation

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and just getting started in the TFP methods. I'm also fairly new to pools, this is only my second season maintaining a pool. I have an algae infection that I started treating under the guidance of a pool store. I shocked the pool with Leslie Power Powder Plus (triple...