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    snow/ice accumulation on cover

    I'm in the NE and this year unlike recent years, we're getting frequent snow and ice buildup. I usually brush the snow off as it is coming down, not waiting for it to get too deep on top of my solid cover. Of course this year have not kept up with it and now have a couple rips in the cover...
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    concrete decking repair

    I have some pitting that has developed on my 3 year old decking. Looking for a patch product that matches the color, which is off-white basically. All I can find is gray colored patch products like this ... Quikrete. Anyone find/use something of a lighter color?
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    concrete deck pitting after two summers

    Hi First let me say I have hardly posted anything because all I have read on here has made me pretty self sufficient with managing my pool, keeping the water crystal clear, etc., so thank you all very much. I do have an issue that I suspect I should be complaining to my installer about. Pool...
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    FS: 20' x 40' Plastic Solar Cover - never used - still in packaging

    Sun2Solar cover. 8 mil blue plastic. Never opened. 2018 was our first full summer with the pool. I bought this early spring but determined I never really needed it. Think I paid $90 shipped. Sun2Solar Standard Blue Solar Cover 20' x 40' Rectangular 8 Mil - $70 shipped to...
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    very small bugs gathering at tile/water line

    Good day 1st full summer of new plaster pool ownership and all is basically well, except since opening the pool last week of April and the air temp coming up a bit, I am noticing a bunch of small - I don't know what they are - pic attached. I figured if I kept chlorine etc in check that would...
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    pool pilot digital newbie

    hi As per my builder's instructions I waited 30 days for my new plaster to cure then started adding salt. 30,000 gallon pool. I am both testing the salt level as well as monitoring the pool pilot display that registers the salt level and tells you how much to add. both are indicating ~2900...