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    More about heating an intex pool

    I am still debating whether I do have a viable solution to heating my pool. A previous thread explored a gas heater near the house, with water pipes running to the pool, about 50' away. My concern is that once the weather turns colder, the ground will cool and my water will lose whatever heat it...
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    Upgrading my filter and pump / heater

    I asked in a few other places -- really hoping to get some advice before I set the Intex pool this spring. I have a 10'x 48" round pool (4800Gallons) with an Intex 12" sand filter/pump combo supposed to give me 1600GPH (pump is 0.3HP). I would like to add a gas heater, a vacuum and a leaf...
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    Upgrading my filter and pump / heater

    Last summer, we had a modest above-ground intex pool, 15', round, 48" deep -- just under the 5000 gallons limit that my city starts to require professional installation and permits. We took it down for the winter and I'm looking to reinstall it this spring, with some improvements. Looking to...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    All, thank you for the advice so far. I went back to re-read the "school" part of the site because there were details I had missed the first time around. For instace, differences between plain DPD and FAS DPD tests. Unfortunately, I was away from the pool for several days and I came back to a...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    So I do have adrop-based test kit (Poolmaster 5-way) and I just picked up a DPD test -- I now have the Taylor K-1004 - DPD Deluxe kit, which has teh DPD chlorine test for free and total chlorine, as well as alkalinity, ph and acid demand. My CYA is at 31ppm -- measure in store -- I do not have...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    BTW -- I really appreciate the advice and musings you all are giving me as I'm trying to figure my way back to a clean pool!
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    Vacuuming technique question

    I have a floating chlorine dispenser with 3" tablets. It hangs on a string in front of the water jet so the all water returned to the pool will flow close to it. I keep 2 tablets in it, with the vents open to a maximum flow, and I use the HTH Ultimate, 7-in- 1 tablets with stabilized...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    So to answer your questions, I shocked, but I did not SLAM. I will do that now. Some questions: 1. The Chlorine testing kit seems to stop at 5ppm, while the SLAM chart recommends going to 12. What is the magic to tell you're at 12? (and I assume, no swimming while the process is going?) I went...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    I have a 15' above ground pool and following a week of intense storms, my chlorine levels dropped and the water became milky. I shocked the pool and used Leslie's UltraBright Advanced to clarify the water, with the expectation that I would be able to vacuum the muck. It;s been 10 days and I just...
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    Introduction -- above ground pool in Northern VA

    Thank you already for interesting feedback on questions I've already asked in the forum. I am brand-new to pool anything -- my sole exposure so far has been swim team at community pools. This summer, we are installing a 4500 Gallon Intex pool in our backyard, and I have lots of questions. From...
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    Yet another rusty Intex pool thread

    I am about to setup my own first Intex Prism pool, and wondering what I can do to prevent future rusting as much as possible. So far, I have: - put legs on pavers - Put sillicone on top-- where? not sure how that works. Are you sealing the connection between the horizontal bars that frame the...
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    @jcp what did you layer on top of the paver base? Is that just the fabric liner? That's a beautiful place for the pool!...
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    Thank you, everyone! Yes, we will lock the edge bricks in place. It is wonderful to hear we are not crazy with this idea. The root slayer looks ... intimidating and awesome at the same time. However, given the proximity to the tree, chances are the root will regrow in the same place under the...
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    cable lines

    To close this loop, I called the cable company and they are moving the cable. Yes, it is fiber and no, we will not want to damage that. Moving it is not complicated, it's just spaded in the ground, a few inches deep. Their contractor came over to look at the site, but while we're figuring out...
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    The maximum we have is 5 inches over the 15' accross the site. As you can see, we are building a 1-brick deep edge on the lower side of the site. The paver base would go inside the circle.
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    Grey Paver base under pool?

    I know, dig down rather than build up is what one is supposed to do. In our case, we are surrounded by trees, and regardless where we put the pool, we will have to confront some amount of roots. We consulted with a hardscape consultant and he recommended a base of grey Paver base (thumbled rock...
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    Pool above underground utility lines

    Call your cable company and have them disconnect that line and draw a new one going outside the pool area. Apparently it is not a huge endeavor and it will let you sleep at night. In the same boat, only I just found that I have this issue *before* I filled my pool. So guess who I am calling...
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    cable lines

    We are about to install a 15"x48" round pool in the backyard and we just had the utilities come up and mark the terrain. Apparently, there is an internet cable going through the spot we're thinking of. Suggestions? We have not started grading / removing sod yet. Do we ask them to reroute (would...