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    Intellicenter App only works from home

    I have a new pool and just got the intellicenter up and running. I'm pretty sure the pool builder got me set up on demo mode because he couldnt get it to connect to the internet. I got it hooked up to wifi yesterday, but the app only works when I am at home (on the same wifi). I'm guessing...
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    3.5 week old pool check my levels

    Hello all. New quartzscapes super blue initial fill was 25 days ago. I have not added anything but stabilizer in a sock, liquid acid and liquid chlorine. The chlorinator is on currently with pucks, but I will shut it off and go straight liquid chlorine when my CYA level gets a bit higher. I've...
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    New Pool Initial Fill Numbers but electric not hooked up yet

    Hello all, Long time Lurker. We have a new pool filling now that should be full by tonight, hot tub full last night. BUT no electric is hooked up yet until Monday. (I hope) i.e. NO PUMPS to run 17x34 with 7x7 hot tub with spillover. Quartscapes Super Blue. Travertine Coping, Split face...