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    Leak at pump

    After the freeze in Texas earlier this year, I had to replace my motor. When doing that, I couldn't find the impeller ring. Thinking it had broken off & was in the strainer basket. I couldn't get the strainer lid off & had to basically beat it off. This evidently caused my leaks seen in the...
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    Starting SLAM

    Had some issues after the hard freeze in Texas and now finally getting my pool equipment running again. Pool was a black swamp, complete with frogs and plenty of tadpoles! Drained approximately half, refilled and now ready to start SLAM. FC=0 CC=0 TC=0 PH=8.6+ TA=150 CH=75 CYA=>20 Salt=1000...
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    ANOTHER single, dual, variable speed questions

    After dealing with a bad pcb controller on my Jandy Aqualink RS (thanks BP Engineering for fixing), I installed and now my main pump has seized up! The hits just keep coming in 2020! I swear I just replaced this Dang thing 2 years ago! Anyway, thought I should look into the economic/feasibility...
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    AquaLink RS8 - all lights on, no control over equipment

    I had an issue where I think the inside of the external AquaLink RS Control near the pool equipment got water inside. Now all lights on the inside AquaLink RS8 are on and is displaying the revision number (6700 Rev. C). Outside there are lights on the panel (if you can't see it - the following...
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    Replacing complete cartridge pool filter - help needed

    I currently have a Hayward Super Star Clear C4000. I can't find specs on it, but would assume the naming conventions hold true and it is 400sq ft. The alternative/newer replacement for that filter is the Hayward Swimclear Cartridge Filter 425 sqft at $1,179. Really do not want to spend that kind...
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    R-0009 reagent running low - Alternative purchase

    I still have about 1/2 of all my reagents in my TF-100 test kit, except for R-0009. I see on the site that a 1oz bottle is $5.23 (R-0009 Total Alkalinity Reagent (for TF-100)) where as I found regular sulfuric acid, 0.12N in a 60ml bottle for $5.12 on Amazon (Thomas SA9555-B...
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    pH stuck at 7.5

    FC=3.5 CC=0 pH=7.5 TA=130 CH=225 CYA=0 Salt=3200 Temp=86 So numbers were worse a few days ago, with pH at 8.4. I concentrated on pH 1st and got it down to 7.5, but that is as far down as it will go. Pool Math says to get pH to 7.0-7.2 to lower my TA to the goal of 70. What should I do? Today...
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    Waterfall - dimmer switch

    My current motor on my waterfall (A.O. Smith Model: B128 / 1HP / 1.25 SF) died. That pump was great for when the waterfall was on during the day with all the kids in the pool, but at night we wished we would have more of a sedated flow (which would equal less noise - think a babbling brook). My...
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    Leaves, leaves, leaves

    I don't know if I'm having equipment failure or what, but I continuously get leaves clogging up my salt cell. I could clean my cell multiple times a day! It seems my skimmers are doing their job, but obviously enough is getting by. Filter in the pump normally only is about 1/4 full. The...
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    Polaris P965iQ Error 10

    Anyone have any luck clearing this error?
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    Aquarite Desired Output %

    I have an older Goldline SWG controller. I've replaced the main board a few times. The last time was a few years ago. I did replace the display board last year. Long story, but had the pool turned off for quite a while and basically started over with a refill. Pool has been great and I'm...
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    Pressure gauge connection repair

    This just might not be possible now, but my pressure gauge stripped the internal threads of the filter. I don't want to (& couldn't afford) a new filter, so the only way I could fix it (before I found this forum) was to basically fill and glue it shut. I used liquid nails and a beer cap! That's...
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    Landscaping redo / Plant recommendations

    First, this pool is located near Houston, TX. Hope that helps with the recommendations! Attached are pictures of my landscaping around the pool and it's out of hand! I'd like to either redo or managed this better. Not sure about the names of most of these plants, but know they drop Crud in my...
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    PVC repair help needed

    I have a leak in my return line (yellow arrow). Yes, it's the 2nd time and the 1st time I used a rubber sleeve to fix it as you can see in the pictures. I'd like to fix it correctly, but where do I start...literally? Where would I make my cuts? As you can see I have a weird 45 degree jog in...
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    Waterfall motor replacement

    I currently have a Hayward Super II Pump (I think - label long gone) being pushed by a A.O. Smith Century Centurion motor (Model: B128, Type: CX, FR: U56J, HP: 1.0, HZ:60 ,RPM: 3450 , Volts: 230/115, Amps: 6.0/12.0). I haven't run the waterfall in probably 3 years and the motor on the pump needs...
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    New refilled pool - starting to balance

    I just emptied, cleaned and refilled my pool. I do have a TF-100 kit, but don't know if I'm using the Pool Math app correctly. FC=1 CC=.5 pH = 8.2 (or higher) TA = 340 CH = 50 CYA = 0 Salt = 0 Water temp = 86 I'm waiting on my new salt cell to come in to add salt back into the mix. What...
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    Spa light tripping GFI

    My spa light trips the GFI. I can turn on my main pool light with no issues, but as soon as I turn the spa light on it trips. I've taken the light out of the spa and opened it up. There was a bit of moisture inside (dryed/cleaned with a few Q-tips). Only main pool light on - no issue Main pool...
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    New salt cell needed. Generic? Brand recommendations?

    I have an AquaRite/Hayward system (r 1.59) and need a new cell. Current cell is a Hayward GLX t-15. Bite the bullet and get an OEM for $500 or go generic? If I go generic, who has had good luck with with brand? Where online did you purchase?
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    SLAM trouble- week 3 / still cloudy

    Long story, but main pump went out. Took over a week to replace. Started recovering and salt cell went out. Salt cell has not been replaced, yet. Been in SLAM mode for 3 weeks. Testing twice a day and adding liquid chlorine (12.5%) as needed. I've been brushing once a day and have the...
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    How to determine what I have is calcium chloride?

    I have a bucket of white granular pellets that I'm fairly certain is calcium chloride, but I've had it outside and the label on the bucket is no longer readable. How would I go about determining if what is in the bucket is calcium chloride?
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    Pool motor not starting - extremely hot

    My main pool motor is not working. After Harvey and the electrical surges throughout the neighborhood, I figured it got the motor even though my booster pump continues to work. I went out today to get the specs off of it (A.O. Smith Century Centurion / Model: B230SE / Serial: 007113M / Type: CX...
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    Chlorine purchases - value

    I'm sure this is somewhere, but haven't found (or figured out) a formula for calculating value. For examples: Amount (oz.) % Chlorine Price Price/oz 121 8.25 $2.94 $0.0234 121 8.3 $3.13 $0.0259 128 10 $3.64 $0.0284 What am I missing to find true value? What would you buy?
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    New filter pressure relief valve won't screw in straight

    Busted my old relief valve putting on a new pressure gauge. Bought a new one this morning and won't screw in straight. Straight is needed so the o-ring will engage. Thoughts?
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    New to testing - 1st test

    Been lurking here quite a while and finally got a TF-100 kit for Father's Day. Pool looks and feels great, but using Pool Math page, seems to be off a bit. Readings: Size=18,000 FC=3 pH=8.2+ (used 8.6 in Pool Math) TA=370 CH=100 CYA=60 Salt=3100 Temp=86 Goals: FC=4 pH=7.5 TA=80 CH=400 CYA=75...
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    Hayward AquaRite info not showing on AquaLink RS All Button

    Original pool with AquaLink RS control system was converted to salt years ago. When Hayward (originally Goldline) SWG was installed, the tech "upgraded" the AquaLink RS with a module that could read the SWG salt levels and allow me to super chlorinate all from the AquaLink RS controller mounted...