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    Testing pH, seems to rise after test tube sits a while, normal?

    I always test pH first, I will leave it sit go on to test FC, then rince both tubes.....I always notice that the pH has risen say to 7.8 after initial test of 7.6 within just a couple of this normal?
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    Borate - Boric Acid, should I use crystals or powder?

    Adding borates using boric acid, should I use crystals or powder?
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    Using 1 less drop of pH indicator R0004 for the pH test....OK or not?

    I read here on a posting someone suggested using 1 less drop of indicator to get a better color comparison. I started doing that and I am finding using 1 less drop of R0004 indicator during the pH test, I get a much better idea of color match, seems that the color intensity is less and matches...
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    Pool Water Temp?

    I know that most of you who offer recommendations and help have a good idea what the pool water temp is for unheated pools from the poster's area in which they live. But would not it be in the best interest of most to include what their pool water temp is? I am just kinda thinking out...
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    Builder did no drain acid wash... suggestions on readings

    Pool was brushed daily during wash, then drained, brushed again using water only & cleaned then Refilled water tested - yesteday FC 0 pH 7.8-8.0 TA 110 CH 110 CYA 0 I added 4lbs CYA (96%), 16 oz acid & 60 oz chlorine, tested 24 hrs later - today FC 6.0 pH 7.4 TA 110 CH 120 CYA- no test Pool...
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    Pool pebble surface blotchy spots from high chlorine? Builder says my fault-need help

    Had my pool resurfaced in March 2015, about May-June seemed to notice color was uneven, blotchy areas, called builder, finely in early August he came out took pictures and (6 months later) returned today along with the builder was the gunite/pebble supplier and the owner of the crews that did...
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    Salt level in a NON salt pool?

    Tested w/Taylor 1766 kit....3200 in a NON salt pool Have not seen any information on any issues, but over this year March-October I have added about 25 gals of chlorine (12.5%) which does figure to around 500 (edited) or so. Any concerns?
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    Testing in warm weather....Local channel 5 says it is 122 where I live

    Just tested the pool water, the local channel 5 says it is 122 where I live....pool temp looks to be about 92 To me it only feels like 115 outside, they may be a tad off...may have to take a dip after the sun goes down.
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    CH reagent R-0011L droplet size?

    Anyone notice that the reagent R-0011L drop size smaller than all the others? I don't know if it is my eyes or whatever, but doing the CH test, the reagent R0011L blue drop sure appears smaller than any other tests. Maybe the chemical makeup of the liquid gives that appearance, maybe it is just...
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    Should TDS be part of the 'PoolMath' ?

    I may be picking at a non-issue....but should TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) be considered into PoolMath? Does it matter if one has TDS that are unknown? Should one be checking TDS? Thanks to TFP, I no longer take water samples to the pool store, but when I did they always had a printout...
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    Keeping pH & TA at proper balance with newer plaster

    This is newer plaster/pebble March 2015...I have been trying to keep my pH around 7.4 - 7.5 with TA around 95 - 100.....with that I have to add about 15 oz of acid a day and then every 3rd day or so bump up the TA with baking soda. I had been keeping pH around 7.8, with TA around 85 - 90 but...
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    Any emphasize on CSI ?

    I am new wanting to learn and in my mind I have many questions.....any emphasize on CSI ? I have a slight positive CSI of .13 should I shoot for a slight negative CSI with the newer plaster? I have a tendency to balance my water looking at the CSI number I am getting. I have new plaster...
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    The Taylor #4088 CYA test tube the same as the Pentair #79 S/N R151226 CYA test tube?

    Is the Taylor #4088 CYA Test tube and the Pentair #79 S/N R151226 CYA Test tube the same tube? The pictures I find look the same, I searched here as well as Goggle for the answer, anyone here know? Thanks
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    Question...drain water then SLAM

    Maybe be a dump question here. I read on a post where someone had used somewhere around 150 gals of bleach to do a SLAM (don't know what % the bleach was). I suppose not knowing in advance how much you would need doing a SLAM, every situation would be much different, but I wonder why I don't...
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    PoolMath ....Iphone app?

    I have been using Poolcalculator looks to be the same as PoolMath? Does it make any difference? Do any of these have an app for a Iphone? I found (PoolCalc - The Pool Calculator) which looks like it may be the ticket.
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    Adding Chlorine & Acid with high CYA levels?

    I have a couple of questions if anyone can help... My latest readings: FC 8.0 CC 0.0 pH 8.0 TA 110 CH 350 CYA 160 (I know should drain, will this late fall) Pool Temp 90 PoolCalculator recommends to get to these numbers: FC 14.5 add 65oz 12.5% bleach pH 7.2 add 30oz 31.45% acid If I...
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    New guy with a few questions - FC & PH changes?, Borates?

    Had a pool resurface with new pebble, new in floor heads, and a boulder waterfall added this early spring....was taking my water sample to pool store daily and ended confused and frustrated, then I found you guys...doing my own testing (old guys can still learn) Because of my faith in the pool...