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    Redoing kool deck

    Hi all. My kool deck is 10 years old and flaking in parts. Thinking of having it redone or maybe get something different. Has anyone had their kool deck redone? What did it cost? I got a rough estimate of around $7k for removal of the kool deck and replacing it with a concrete coating.
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    Solar pool heating

    Thanks for the reply and info. You're correct about my roof, it gets full sun all day. The pool is something like 15k gals., 10 x 30 maybe a bit bigger. I'm assuming 300 to 400 cu ft of solar panels would be good. I will have to look into a solar pool cover. I've seen some people say they cut...
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    Solar pool heating

    I'm considering getting the pool heated. Is solar a good option? I've heard it only adds about 2 months to the swim season. Not sure if that's worth the cost. I haven't gotten any estimates yet but I'm assuming about $5k for my pool size. A neighbor mentioned they're going with Heliocol. I've...
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    I'm thinking of having my pool deck redone. It's some type of Kool deck or a cool deck, not sure which. It is peeling and cracking and is 9 years old. I also have a tree root that grew under the deck walkway and I might have to have it broken up to get it removed. I've seen older thread on the...
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    Tree root under deck

    Thanks for the advice. I don't have a folding tree limb saw. I do have an electric limb saw for limbs higher up. I guess I could use that or buy the one you suggested. I already had the root cut up closer to the end of the deck. The landscaper never mentioned the root ran further along the...
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    Tree root under deck

    I recently noticed a root from one of the trees behind the pool growing alongside and under the decking. I had part of the root cut off near the top of the deck that was closer to the tree. I didn't realize the root traveled further down the walkway. The landscaper I hired never told me it went...
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    Cool decking peeling off

    Actually, I'm not sure what brand it is or if it is even a so-called "kool deck". It is 9 yrs. old.
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    Cool decking peeling off

    Looks like I need to have my decking redone. My dog hit this one spot with her paws and the coating came off. It wouldn't look good to just repair the one spot and there are other areas where the coating is peeling off. Any idea what something like this costs to have done? Thinking of maybe...
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    In-pool alarm

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has found a good pool alarm to warn you if and when someone, whether a person or pet has fallen in the pool. All the ones I see on Amazon have no more than 3 stars. They either don't work all the time, batteries don't last, they quit working, and various other...
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    Pump not filling with water

    Well I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to write on how I didn't find anything that worked. That is, until I checked the impaler. I turned it with a screwdriver and a whole bunch of dirt and twigs came out. Cleaned that out and wouldn't you know the pump fills with water, no bubbles...
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    Pump not filling with water

    Thanks. I got the O-ring out with a small screwdriver to lift it out partially. I cleaned it and applied the lube but the basket is still not filling. I ordered the O-rings for the drain plugs, actually the drain plug comes with a gasket which I'm assuming is the O-ring.
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    Pump not filling with water

    Thanks for the suggestion on the pool school article. I tried the pour water over the pump method and it seemed like the water came up some but still not to the top or maybe it was just my imagination and that's what I wanted to see. I'd like to try removing the O-ring from the basket lid to see...
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    Pump not filling with water

    So the basket is still not filling. When I open the air bleed the water doesn't come out as fast as it used to. Do you think I need a new gauge?
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    Pump not filling with water

    Actually, either the gauge isn't working or I have no psi. I did notice this morning when I opened the bleeder valve with the pump running, water drips out from the ring around the filter basket. I did lube the gasket. I guess I'll have to take it apart and redo it. As for how long it has been...
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    Pump not filling with water

    I did more than the air bleed. The water was sputtering out of the air bleed, not spurting out like normal. So I took everything apart, cleaned the filters and everything else, put it all back together. I also put new parts on the pool vacuum Navigator since it hasn't been done in a couple of...
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    Pump not filling with water

    I just applied the lube when I saw your suggestion. It didn't work. As for the valves they are all open and after all the rain we've had the pool water is more than adequate. The weir door is working correctly.
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    Pump not filling with water

    I have a Haywood 3200DR pool pump. The pump isn't filling when I run it. I've cleaned the gasket under the lid and made sure it is on tight but it is still not filling. It fills a little more than half way up. I also poured a bucket of water into the pump before putting on the lid. Do you think...
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    No power at pump

    Thanks for the info. I did reset the breaker. Still nothing. Sorry to say I'm not how should I say, mechanically or even electrically inclined. I'll have to get someone to come out and do the voltage check. There's nothing between the pump and breaker.
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    No power at pump

    Went to check the pool this morning and the pump has no power. Checked the circuit breaker and it wasn't tripped. Any idea what else to check?
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