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    My Start to Finish/ Lessons Learned - 27 ft Saltwater 8000 Semi Inground Pool Installation and Deck

    Now I am happy with the bigger size pool. During installation, definitely not. Up keep is basically the same, pump and filter are the same, so might as well get more room with not really any extra costs. Yes, roofing paper was supposed to be to keep soil from the wall. Probably not a real...
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    My Start to Finish/ Lessons Learned - 27 ft Saltwater 8000 Semi Inground Pool Installation and Deck

    Pre-ordering Researched the different pools and our backyard. We are already had a fenced in yard and have a small covered back deck that we used. Wanted to extend the deck out to the pool so it was even. Yard gently sloped. We are about 20 ft above sea level in NC. Knew we needed a...
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    Ideas on how to attach ladder to Deck

    Thanks! I searched other ways but came up with nothing good and not this one. I love working with PVC anyway, so I think this is going to be the route I end up going if i can get it apart and the pvc on it. Thanks.
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    Ideas on how to attach ladder to Deck

    I have a 27 round semi inground pool We built a deck up to it that was level with our back porch, so the pool rail/caps are over the deck. We have the confer steps in the picture. It says to fill with 40 pounds of sand. We filled with a little over and did not look like it could take...
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    Burying AGP 2.5 feet in ground help

    Having just installed a 27 round from the pool factory in a slight slope from 24 in to 12, I can say it is way more difficult than expected. I suspect you will.habe to spend more than 4k for it. You also will need possibly crushed rock and fabric down first. Then you will need sand as well...
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    Ground water - how to firm it up

    So, we have a semi inground pool we are installing. Slight slope on yard. 27 round pool that will be about 18 inches in high side and 12 in the low side. So about 2 weeks ago, we got 2.58 inches of rain, the hole, not graded yet filled with about 7 inches of water at lowest point. One more...
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    Help Seeing This Work

    What part of NC? I'm in Wilmington and in the process of getting the pool in. Moved the schedule up due to being home so much. DEFINITELY get everyone together, outline the pool size you think you want and then get everyone inside that size and see what it looks like. Then think about if...
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    Semi-Inground construction and deck bridging house to pool - ideas?

    Thanks guys. I thought I had it set to alert me when a response was posted. I can call for the digging, but my understanding is they only mark utility lines. I will call just to be safe, but should have nothing in my backyard in that area other than potentially the well line (pvc) and 1...
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    Semi-Inground construction and deck bridging house to pool - ideas?

    We recently bought the 27' round saltwater 8000 pool from the pool factory and it's sitting in our garage. Our house has a small covered back deck. We are looking to extend our deck out (uncovered) and then put the pool at the end of it. our yard has a slight slope. Maybe 6-12 inches over...
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    Help/Pointers for building deck from house to pool

    We have had the $300 walmart pools the last three years. We just bought the 27' round Saltwater 8000 from the pool factory and it is shipping. We currently have a covered back porch built on a crawlspace. We want to build out the deck to extend to the pool, which will have to be buried and we...