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    Procedure on Sale of Home/Pool?

    This may been obvious to some, but I'm selling my home (with my in-ground pool) later this month and is there a standard process for turning over the pool to the new owners? I've saved all of the equipment manuals, plaster instructions from the mfg, and proof of purchase for the one item that...
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    In retrospect... Share your wisdom.

    Regrets: I didn't use an established pool company to build my pool. On a recommendation, I hired a PB who basically was a guy in a pick-up truck and when he hauled $ss, I was left with an unfinished pool and a lawsuit against the PB. I've got a very nice judgment against him, but I'll...
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    Still Scaling with Negative CSI

    The mfg's materials I was given for my WetEdge Luna Quartz plaster said to use a SS brush initially and for the life of the plaster.
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    Finally - 17 months later my PH stabilized!

    I'm at 4+ years and my pH still hasn't stabilized! The pH rise for my pool is way less in the winter because the SWG is dialed way back. But when spring and summer hit my pH still rises. Lowering my TA helps a bit, but my water here in Houston has high TA so it's hard to keep TA below 70...
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    properly sealing decking material, travertine

    I have travertine coping and it's slightly polished and while it has numerous imperfections and natural holes, the flat surfaces are fairly smooth. I seal it with 511 Impregnator by Miracle Sealants. It seems to work well. I've had a SWG for about 4 years and I only have some slight errosion...
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    Chasing ph

    I live in Houston as well (Memorial area) and the TA of my fill water is about the same as yours. I try very hard to let rain water fill up my pool but I still have to use tap water occasionally. I've gotten my TA down to the 60-70 range and it helps with the pH rise. I have a SWCG and I...
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    RayPak Heater-Instructions on CL PPM

    The instructions for my new RayPak heater state that free CL should never exceed 5 ppm and it recommends CL of 2-3 ppm. Of course, they do not adjust CL for the level of CYA. The instructions also state: "Automatic chemical dosing devices and salt chlorinators are usually more efficient in...
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    RayPak Wiring Help

    Update: The wiring was a piece of cake. If I hadn't had to move the transformer to the left side of the unit it would have taken me about 15 minutes to wire the unit. The plumber disconnected the electrical connections before I had a chance to solve the second green wire mystery, but with the...
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    RayPak Wiring Help

    They both are solid green wires. When I connect the new heater I'll look to see where the green wires are connected to the Easytouch panel. Haven't done that yet.
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    RayPak Wiring Help

    Thanks for the replies. There is a separate bare copper bonding wire that is connected to the outside of the Mastertemp and it runs to all other powered devices on my equipment pad (the Easytouch, the SWG and the pumps). But there also are two green wires inside the plastic conduit going into...
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    RayPak Wiring Help

    My new Raypak is due to arrive on Monday. It's replacing my 4 year old Pentair Mastertemp. The Mastertemp is connected to my Easytouch 4 and it looks like the wiring for the Raypak is similar. It will be a 240v connection. Anything unusual I should be aware of? I've wired things into the...
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    Pentair Mastertemp 400

    I took the top off of the unit and there are no error codes. The unit would start and run for a while (about 30 minutes the first time) but it eventually would shut off. I turned the unit off and on and the burner would start and it would run for a while and eventually stop. It's clearly not...
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    Pentair Mastertemp 400

    UPDATE: Well now the unit comes on for a few seconds (the gas lights and the blower blows), but then the gas and blower shut down and the service heater light comes on. I smell gas as it lights, but it's not extremely strong. Is this normal? It also makes a high pitched squeal that it didn't...
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    Pump Will Not Turn On

    Update. Problem solved. You really need to push the breakers on the bottom of the Easytouch unit hard to the left to reset them. I would move it left a bit thinking it was reset, but it has to go all the way to the left before it resets.
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    Pump Will Not Turn On

    My pump has never given me a problem until now. It was working fine today until I turned my Easytouch to spa mode to run the heater for an hour or so as I occasionally do. The valves turned to go into spa mode but the Whisperflo turned off during the switch to spa mode and I can't get it to...
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    Strange Black Spot on Bottom of Pool

    Thanks for the replies. It's not black algae. It's definitely coming up from below the plaster. I'm guessing it's not the plaster company's fault, but a poor gunite/re-bar job. My pb quit my job and I already sued him and I have a nice judgment that likely will never be paid. I'll ask...
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    Strange Black Spot on Bottom of Pool

    Wanted to report back on my black spot. It's now three black spots fairly close together and they are slowly growing. Even though they don't appear to be rust spots (more black than rust color) I'm thinking that's what they are. My question is whether and how to repair the plaster. The...
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    Rising Ph

    Your pool is still new so rising pH can be expected. It rises throughout the first year and maybe into the second year. You can lower your TA to help with the pH, but it may be contrary to terms of your plaster warranty. I know I keep mine lower than what WetEdge recommends.
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    Pentair CCP420 or CCP520 for 28,000 pool?

    I'm not aware of any downsides to oversizing the filter (except the cost). I have the 420 and my pool is 1/3 the size of yours. It's really nice not having to clean the filters but once every 15 months or so.
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    How often do you have to clean your SWG cell?

    I have high TA fill water and I constantly battle rising pH. But in 3.5 years I've never had to clean my cell. Weekly additions of MA keep my TA and pH in check and I never let my CSI get more than about +.2 before I bring it down to around -.2. Adding MA weekly is getting old, but other than...
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    CH BuildUP

    My fill water is around the same CH as yours and I can't keep CH below around 450. If you really want to keep CH below 400 you'll be replacing water fairly often. I got tired of doing that during the first year of my pool. Like Richard, I've learned to live with higher CH and I just watch my...
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    Something bad is happening to my pool . . .

    Yikes, I have something similar, but it's black, not rust color. I suppose it's got to be the same problem. It's only in two spots (close together) and my plaster will be four years old in early December.
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    Ph question with SWG

    Some here are able to control their pH by lowering TA and keeping aeration to a minimum. I'm not able to get TA lower than 70 because of my high TA fill water and I also have a spill over spa (it's not really a waterfall--the water spills over and falls anywhere from 0-1" depending on the water...
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    Questions about contractor responsibilty

    It sounds like you are dealing with a PB that is a significant operation. Many PB's, like mine before I fired him, are nothing more than a guy in a pick up truck. There really is no responsibility because if they walk away there's really no remedy. I have a judgment against my PB for about...
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    Anybody Not From Texas?

    My FIL, who loved his adopted state (he was born in Tennessee, but moved to Texas when he was a boy), loved to tell this joke. Never ask a man if he's from Texas. If he is, he'll let you know. If he's not, well, you don't want to embarrass him.
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    What is this white substance building on my saltwater cell?

    Just to add to what ping said, assuming your salt is 3,000 ppm and your water temp is 92 (about what mine is in Houston) your CSI is +.71 so you are in the range to get scale.
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    Trying to make a decision on SWG

    I agree with this. If you decide to install a SWG just be aware that it can be very hard on some of the soft flagstones we get here in Texas. Be sure you seal, and re-seal periodically, any natural stone near the pool. I would avoid flagstone altogether.
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    Pool cooler

    Not sure about the upside down part. You are turning in a circle so it will always be lefty loosey, righty tighty.
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    How often to adjust pH?

    I have your problem as well. But I still knock my pH down to 7.5 or so every week to 10 days with a quart of acid. My pH will slowly rise to around 8.0-8.2 before I bring it back down. I try to keep my CSI around zero to slightly negative. When it gets around +.1 I will add acid. I don't...
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    Is a gallon of muriatic acid per week ok?

    If it's a new pool that's normal--at least that's about what I used for the first few months. Now I use about a quart a week, but I have a SWG and lots of aeration.