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    Help !! Mud in pool for the last two weeks

    Hi All, hoping you can help me out since I'm not gettina anywhere with my pool company. About two weeks ago, we had a massive rain storm the house next door to me is under construction, and they had slopped their backyard towards my lot ! Long story short, all ttheir mud and dirt flooded my...
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    Drop In Pool Mats

    Hi, thanks for the add! I'm a newbie and we are in the process of finishing our in-ground vinyl pool 16x32 I've seen the drop in vinyl mats on line and I was wondering if anyone knows a company that will ship to Canada.Thank you
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    Newbie....Does a black liner attract Canada Geese?

    Hi All, thank you for the add, just a question we are in the process of installing and in ground vinyl pool 16x28 and I wanted a black liner but someone told my husband that it will attract Canadian Geese..Is this true? I live in Toronto, Canada Any input would be greatly appreciated