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    New Dolphin, side jet stopped working on 2nd use

    Hi Everyone, I just received my Dolphin Warrior SE yesterday and ran a cycle right away. I was impressed with how well it worked, especially since the pool was exceptionally dirty following a very windy day. However, today when I ran a new cycle, the cleaner gets to the top of the wall and...
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    Conversion to hard plumbing for AGP: Plumbing design question regarding filter GPM

    Hi All, Before starting up my AGP this season I want to get rid of the flexible tubing and hard plumb everything. I am planning to use 2" Sch 40 PVC with the equipment in my signature. My question is regarding the flow rating of my filter. The manual says that it has a "design flow rate" of...
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    Robelle Winterizer - What's in it?

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to help a friend out with love closing her pool and she just told me that she got pool stored and poured Robelle Winterizer into her pool. Anyone know what's in it? I can't seem to find any details.
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    Wall climbing robot for AGP?

    I understand that AGP robots are not designed to climb walls because they can't overcome the sharp transition between the floor and the wall. My question is: how "soft" does the transition have to be, and is there any way to tell if any robot will climb my pool's wall? My pool has a softer...
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    Funny story

    Yesterday afternoon I found a length of 1/2" PVC in the garage, cleaned it, and marked it at 24" from the bottom to use as a dip tube for water sampling. I used it to fill my sample bottle and then started in on my weekly, full set of tests. First test: FC 13. That's odd, I thought. It should...
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    Filter Backwash Pressure Recommendation: At what speed?

    I have a 2-speed pump for my Above Ground Pool with a DE filter (model numbers in signature). The rule of thumb here seems to be to backwash the filter when the pressure rises 25% over clean. My question is: at what speed? My filter was at 16psi on high speed 6 weeks ago when I did the...
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    Can I walk on the top wall of a metal frame AGP?

    Subject line says it all. I've been assuming that I can't, but I just can't reach the back octant of the pool with the vacuum pole and it would be real convenient if I knew for sure the walls/uprights would support me.
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    Algae - again?

    I noticed lots of greenish-brown "dirt" at the bottom again today after vacuuming last night. Dove down the investigate - "poofs" away when I touch it. Thinking it's algae, again, after completing a SLAM 2 weeks ago (met all 3 exit criteria) and battling algae (realized in retrospect) all last...
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    Stain on Vinyl liner - what is it?

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking here for a few weeks after stumbling upon this site while trying to understand the breakpoint chlorination section in my Taylor test kit manual. I have since adopted the TFP way, completing my first SLAM about 10 days ago and finally solving the mystery of why...