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    Intermittent ignition failures on Hayward 400FDN heater

    I've seen corrosion inside gas valves that produces intermittent firing problems. Only way I know to test is to replace the valve. BUT... I'd get your gas supply issue settled first. If the burner is choking on not enough gas (maybe the regulator is affected by the moisture?) that would cause...
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    Gas supply line issues for pool heater

    The gas company would be only too happy to provide you with an appropriately sized meter. Again, assuming that the pressure at the meter is above low pressure, no digging should be required.
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    Do I need to eliminate my valve in a leak pressure test?

    You can replace the internals of the Jandy valve.
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    Gas supply line issues for pool heater

    If the pressure from the meter to the regulator at the heater is anything greater than 0.5psi (6-8" WC), then the 1" pipe is not an issue. It's just the 3/4" between the regulator and the heater than would be restrictive. For that short of a distance, 3/4" is probably okay (but I don't have a...
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    New Dolphin, side jet stopped working on 2nd use

    I have checked the impeller assembly three times for any obstructions. It's going back to Marina tomorrow for a new one.
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    First time opening

    You want to get to your SLAM target ASAP. Use to figure out how much chlorine you need to get there and add it all at once. Then test multiple times per day and add chlorine to get back to SLAM target. Don't bother with OCLT until there's at least no more green.
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    New Dolphin, side jet stopped working on 2nd use

    The only reason it turns now is because it hits my round walls at an angle and straightens out, which sends it on a slightly different path than it came in from. It will, given enough time, clean the whole pool, but takes multiple cycles. Of greater concern is that it doesn't move horizontally...
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    Infrared Perimeter Alarms

    I put up a fence from this company around my pool. It seems to solve several of your problems: physical barrier, at relatively low cost relative to a true fence, and easily removable, either temporarily or permanently. I'm in my 3rd year with mine and it still looks brand new...
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    Infrared Perimeter Alarms

    Can you post a picture of what you need to protect? Maybe that will generate some ideas you hadn't considered.
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    Hayward Off-line chlorinator CL220...which tabs to buy for first time?

    That's because it doesn't recommend using tablets at all.
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    New Dolphin, side jet stopped working on 2nd use

    Hi Everyone, I just received my Dolphin Warrior SE yesterday and ran a cycle right away. I was impressed with how well it worked, especially since the pool was exceptionally dirty following a very windy day. However, today when I ran a new cycle, the cleaner gets to the top of the wall and...
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    Ordering liquid chlorine online

    I diluted 1ml of 12.5% pool shock I had leftover from last August into 1L of tap water, mixed thoroughly, then diluted 1ml of the resulting mixture into 10ml of tap water. (12.5/100)*(1/1000)*(1/10) = 12.5/1,000,000 = 12.5ppm. When I tested with my Taylor FAS-DPD I got 12ppm.
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    What was your FC when you opened? When did you add chlorine relative to starting to see the white-ish stuff in the pool? If it were me, I'd SLAM, vacuuming at least daily, to see if the amount of white decreases. This is a relatively cheap solution to try compared to replacing those grids...
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    Is your filter pressure normal?
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    Taylor Test Chemicals

    No, one is the DPD powder and one is the reagent. You can order replacements here TFTestkits.
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was dead algae. I had a similar problem 2 years back and I chased problems with my DE filter when the problem was all in water chemistry. Have you done an ?
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    How long does it take to come back? Does it "poof" away when you try to vacuum? Can you post a full set of water sample data? FC CC TA CH CYA pH
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    Have you tried vacuuming it up?
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    Hole in DE Filter?

    Can you post a picture of what's on the bottom of your pool?
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Maybe the new owner will let you come over to keep taking care of the pool. 😂
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    Should I "upgrade" to Schedule 40 PVC?

    Have I cleaned the pool yet? 😂 Only 3 times! Just getting up the dirt that made its way under the cover. The 1st 2 times I didn't notice that the suction plate wasn't that tight on the skimmer so I did a good job of stirring the dirt around and not much vacuuming. I don't find that the suction...
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    CYA, FC... Max?

    With an above ground pool, you can use gravity to your advantage. I have drained my pool rather effectively just by siphoning through a vacuum hose.
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    Should I "upgrade" to Schedule 40 PVC?

    I spent Saturday under the deck converting to hard pipe because A. I see an SWG in my future, B. I was worried that one of those hose clamps would let go and kill my pump, and C. I wanted better quality valves. If you're at all handy (and can remember to slide the union nuts on BEFORE you...
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    Just filled new Saltwater pool

    Don't buy a floating dispenser. You won't need it. Like it was said above, use liquid chlorine until the SWCG is online.
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    Starting SLAM

    Your SLAM FC target is 16 for a CYA of 40.