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    Cloudy and getting greener- help please?

    Hey guys, we have an in ground pool (approx 25000 gal). Last year we switched from Bacqua to chlorine using the BBB method. This year opening the pool was a breeze and it was sparkling clean for a few months. I have been raving about TFP forums ever since! It was so much better than using the...
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    Not as good as a time lapse but a slideshow of conversion!

    This is over a 72 hour period. :goodjob:
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    How to clean Polaris 360 and tubing to remove baqua?

    Any tips on how to clean our Polaris? He's been sitting on the side of the pool since the conversion started. Should we take him apart and spray with 10:1 water/bleach solution or just mix it in a bucket and let him soak? What about the tubing?
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    And away we go!!! Started conversion tonight. Lots of PIPs

    Two 180 oz jugs into the process and the pool is a nice shade of lime green/ baby poo yellow. We also got these scummy looking bubbles whenever we pour in a jug but they disappear in just a few minutes. Ordered my TF-100XL test kit from Dave and it's on a Fedex truck as we speak...
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    Which is faster conversion time-- BBB or SWG?

    I've been reading this site for a week now, and can I just say that I'm really impressed by all your knowledge and encouragement for everyone making a conversion. We have been trying to decide if it would be faster to convert to the BBB method or if we should just suck it up and pay the money...