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    IC60 gives weird errors when starting up

    Hey Everyone, I have newly installed IC60 with intellicenter controlling it. I finally got my salt levels up to the needed level a few days ago so i turned on the salt cell and once its running it seems to produce chlorine just fine but I keep getting alerts that the salt is too low when it...
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    Intellicenter programming

    Ok so I got my new intellicenter all setup and running and now I am trying to figure out programming. also if anyone has any tips or ideas that improve the use of the system, I would love to hear it. I have figured out how to program basic setups like running the pool pump and using the...
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    New to me pool, lots of work to be done.

    I started posting this in my introduction but realized that probably isn't the best spot so here is my main set of questions about moving forward with my pool. I just bought a house with a rather large L-shaped pool. It is dated and will probably need new plaster and tile in the future but it...
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    New home, new pool

    Hey everyone, I am excited to find this forum and hope to learn how to effectively manage my newly purchased old construction home pool. I am an avid DIY guy so I am hopeful I can learn from hear and get my pool up and running nicely.