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  1. Pyrodav


    Your free chlorine is below the minimum for "off the charts" cya. As bandit suggested, replace 50% water asap. If it isn't possible right now get that chlorine up to at least shock level for 100 cya until you can 1. Verify what it really is 2. Drain and replace. don't forget to drop your ph to...
  2. Pyrodav

    Our neighbors expect an invitation to swim...

    Thats funny, my house is known as Sandals resort at Fort Thomas. Part of my privacy fence is actually retaining wall. My 6x6's are about 12' out of the ground at the corner of my yard. My neighbors are all cool. When I was installing the pool they all came over to help, at least the ones that...
  3. Pyrodav

    Cigar Smokers hanging out on here?

    I belong to a local nonprofit group called "The Cigar Band". We don't play music, it is named after the band around a cigar. Anyhow we meet every month at a members house and sample the hosts cigar that is provided. We grade it and take notes. At the end of the year we tally up to see what cigar...
  4. Pyrodav

    Is it worth to install VS pump?

    The quiet operation of a Pentair VS is worth the extra to me after being around other pumps.
  5. Pyrodav

    Mesh Cover Questions

    I have always thought of mesh material for a pool cover being a big tea bag ready to brew leaves and other organic a into my pool water...I could be wrong, but I think solid with a pump is the way to go.
  6. Pyrodav

    Not Complaining, but...

    Been a cloudy,cool summer here in Ohio. Are you experiencing the same weather?
  7. Pyrodav


    Welcome Ronnie...Your chemical balance is fine by whom? Why are you adding chlorine to your filter? Can you please fill out your signature so we may see what you have. You have come to the right place to get your pool sparkling!
  8. Pyrodav

    New inground pool with salt water system. I need HELP!

    Please take Jim's should consider yourself lucky. 1. Your pool builder did not help you with your water chemistry. 2. You found us and if you read, read and read pool school again you will have the clearest, easiest water to maintain...guaranteed!
  9. Pyrodav

    Buy bleach, buy bleach... and buy more bleach

    I can't imagine not having a SWG or even worse, not having a speedstir.
  10. Pyrodav

    Good news and bad news! Need a pep talk!

    You need to get a new degree and it can be had in pool school...sounds like you have a pretty bad leak somewhere. First thing first is to buy the proper fas/dpd test kit. While you are waiting on it, figure out your gallons in pool math and add the proper amount of stabilizer to get you to 30...
  11. Pyrodav

    Polymeric sand?

    I already send me a check :laughblue:
  12. Pyrodav

    Polymeric sand?

    I would not use a vibratory compactor. Any water or moisture underneath could pool and cause low spots not to mention scarring your pavers. I'm afraid a broom handle is the way to go. It is tedious and will make you appreciate the labor you saved. I wouldn't touch it for under $125hr.
  13. Pyrodav

    Do you allow glass around your pool?

    I allow only beer bottles in a zippered koozy. Everything else is plastic.
  14. Pyrodav

    Polymeric sand?

    I install quite a few pavers with polymeric sand. If I was going to take on that job I would have one of my guys hold a piece of thin osb or plywood along the edge of the pool to keep the sand out while removing it. First though I would spray a matte finish sealer on the pavers to protect them...
  15. Pyrodav

    RV owners

    There is an extension to reach the vent.
  16. Pyrodav

    Frustrated Pool Owner

    Another great tool that many of us here use are hairnets. They act as a skimmer sock and keep everything from pollen, dust and small bugs out of your filter...
  17. Pyrodav

    Crop dusting and pool chemistry.

    I think my BIL tells her that so he can put off opening the pool...I told her that their CYA was probably sky high from the years before and never got their pool to true shock level which resulted in problems when opening.
  18. Pyrodav

    Crop dusting and pool chemistry.

    Now that you mention it yippie, my aunt lives right around the corner from her... I will ask her if their pool gets this crop dusting.
  19. Pyrodav

    Staring to figure this out....I think.

    Those numbers look like a true TFP pool!
  20. Pyrodav

    Frustrated Pool Owner

    You may not realize it yet...but you are 3/4 the way to having a sparkly pool! I often wonder how people can see my pool and not listen to my suggestions. You will understand what I mean after you can tell if a quarter is heads or tails in your deep end :cool:
  21. Pyrodav

    Crop dusting and pool chemistry.

    I'm trying to get them to see the light and follow TFP. Considering they algaecide their pool every time it rains and shock their pool once a week I'd say no they don't understand pool chemistry the way we do.
  22. Pyrodav

    Crop dusting and pool chemistry.

    My SIL claims they can't open their pool until the farmers are done spraying their fields by airplane? Why and what could they do to open earlier? I'm not sure how far away the nearest field is but it is not real close. Maybe a mile. She claims one year it totally messed them up.
  23. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    Thanks, I decided to get my CYA back up to 70 and leave my timer where it is. I'd rather have 11 after a couple of cloudy days than 2 on a bright sunny day...
  24. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    I have everything plugged in correctly. At the bottom of pool math it says minimum 3 target 8-10. The other chart says target 5 for 70 cya.
  25. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    Gotcha. I thought 5 was the minimum for a non SWG. Target was still 8-10. - - - Updated - - - Kinda confusing between that chart and what pool math says...
  26. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    pool math tells me at 70 cya my target is 8-10. Where do you see a target of 5 @ 70cya?
  27. Pyrodav

    Is Regular Shocking (Slamming) Required ?

    That salt water thing is awesome!
  28. Pyrodav

    What would/do you do?

    I check my FC every morning around 6:30am before the sun hits the pool. My target is 6-8. Used to be 8-10 but the rain/back washing dropped my CYA from 70 to 50. Lately it has been hot and sunny. My FC is hanging around 7-8 in the mornings during this heat spell. Well yesterday is when I...
  29. Pyrodav

    Help me understand TFP thinking on chlorine

    SWG makes TFP a lot easier for me. Besides the initial cost you cant beat it. I opened early April and have added nothing but MA. As of my trip to Menards for MA last week I have less than $12 in my pool this season. Not sure how much Pucks, Algaecides and powdered shock cost...glad I don't and...
  30. Pyrodav

    Sustain users READ THIS!

    The only thing I see SUSTAINable is reaching in your pockets and pulling out those little green rockets...