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    Mesh cover for above ground pool?

    Does anyone use a mesh cover for an above ground pool? I wanted to use one, but none of the local stores carry them. I'll have to order it online and I guess I'm wondering if they don't carry it for a reason..... Thoughts? Thanks!
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    How am I doing?

    I just wanted someone to take a peak and tell me if I'm headed the right way.....Any input helpful - Thanks! ----Pool installed 10th and filled 11th, 1st chems in. Test result for last 4 days: (oldest first) 12th: 78 degrees FC 0 TC 2 PH 7.5 TA 80 CH 100 CYA 0 ---eve: added cya 2.5lbs (for...
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    Hi! I need some help.... :hammer: Pool was installed on Sat - filled by Sunday midday. On Sunday I used the stuff to get metal out of the pool "Liquid Magnet" (it's a problem on this block, we all seem to have metal stains in our baths & toilets & some people's pools) Then I used PH Up and...
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    Solar Cover - Newb question

    Okay - Month 1 of a "real" pool. (more like week 1). Anyway, I have read and re-read the paperwork from inside the box of the solar cover - but nowhere does it say this......Can I run my pump while the cover is on? It seems to just swirl in a circle, despite the eye being pointed somewhat down -...