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  1. Foxy

    Pool Renovation in Henderson NV

    ** If you want pics of Quartzscapes Barbados Blue, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you some.** Sorry my pics are gone :(. I figured I should start my thread, so I don't get called out by the locals doing builds, since I've been asking them for information! :cool: Mine isn't...
  2. Foxy

    Renovation in Henderson NV

    A little background, bought my 1st house about 2yrs ago and it has an OB pool that was done in 1999-2000. The quality of the work was not very good, but luckily the plaster has lasted this long and is currently still usable while we figure out how to manage a renovation! So here is what we need...
  3. Foxy

    Newbie...confirm if I'm doing okay?

    Hi... My 1st post, but I've been here reading for a few weeks. I've posted my pool info in my signature. Background: We bought a house with a pool a couple months ago, pool was built in 2000 and had never been drained/refilled and was stained blue from copper. We drained and did an acid wash...