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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    Done. Super happy with the color and job. Here's a few after pics:
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    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    Got mine trimmed, fertilized and sprayed with the copper fungicide. I have a med fan that I think I'm going to lose. Fronds already pulling easily from the center. But the rest of the palms look kinda ok(?). I also watered in the fertilizer with a compost like tea/water mix. Everything I've...
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    M600 Dead Again

    That is crazy! They should absolutely replace. I have an M600 I bought from Marina a few months ago. So far it's worked really well. Going to be watching it like a hawk now!
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    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    Thank you for that heads up with North Texas Palms info! I trimmed palms yesterday. I just ordered copper fungicide on amazon, it'll be here tomorrow. Have some palm fertilizer from last year, and will get that going today. I have a nice big Texas Sabal, a Pindo, a Brahea Armata, Med Fan...
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    Thanks! My apologies. Aqua Blue was what we had originally. I forgot to change my signature to reflect that. We really liked the Aqua Blue, but since we were having to do it again so soon, we decided to try something different, and went with the StoneScapes Tropics Blue Puerto Rico blend...
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    Just finished up. Acid wash tomorrow and start filling! Super happy with this company!
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    It has begun! Right on time. These guys are such a joy to work with!
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    After our previous discussion about plasters and such, I contacted the guy that did the original plaster. He's a good guy, whom I've referred to others that needed to get replastered. So for he hasn't let me down on a referral. He cut me a really fair price, better than the $9700 bid I got...
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    Getting (re)Plastered in the morning! Freeze damage makeover...

    Ok not much of a makeover, just going a shade or two darker on plaster, a shade different on glass spotter tiles, and had some coping fixed that had started to come detached. Attached is pic with the bond coat ready for tomorrow. Not happy about spending the money, but might as well get...
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    Pool Replaster....Post Freeze Damage!

    It's a different owner than the one who built the pool, but he doesn't know the brand. I remember when my previous neighbor built the pool, I asked him and it was different than mine. That's all I remember. :unsure: Just got back in town and was able to power up all the equipment(except...
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    Pool Replaster....Post Freeze Damage!

    Hi, that was me. I have USAA, and I called them about the damage. Been with them 30 years. I have an accessory structure rider on my policy for $90,000. It's mostly for another improvement on the property, but it does cover any additional structures on the property. A pool is considered a...
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    Pool Replaster....Post Freeze Damage!

    Could be. It doesn't really matter in the big picture. Maybe any plaster in my pool would have resulted in the same damage. Maybe not. What I do know for a fact is that this did. Thus I'll be making a different choice, and hoping I never have to find out if I was right or not. Thanks for...
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    Pool Replaster....Post Freeze Damage!

    We both drained our pools to the same point below the tile. Both our pools froze. We helped each other in winterizing our pools together. Apart from the damage I have to the tanning ledges, benches and steps, there is an entire circle of damage to the plaster at the water level(ice level) all...