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  1. wjr75

    Leaks detected, big bill ahead :(

    Pool putty around the skimmer face works well for those leaks. It costs 16 bucks on Amazon. That's where I have had leaks in the past after having someone come out and trouble shoot. It seems to last a couple of years in those spots and then I scrape it and re-apply. Might want to save for the...
  2. wjr75

    Let's play "Where's my leak?"

    Have a non-vinyl pool but my leaks have been around the skimmer plate. Buy some red die for detecting leaks in put a few drops in without the pumps on around the skimmer plate. A liner leak probably tougher to solve. I didn't see the earlier posts when I posted this originally . I did have my...
  3. wjr75

    Pool Cover Cost?

    Get ready for sticker shock. I bought online to replace one your size and a loop loc III was $2500 and already had the anchors installed from the previous cover. Buy from a pool company distributor probably add another $1K.
  4. wjr75

    Whirlpool Tub Cleaning/Sanitize

    I just put some liquid chlorine in my indoor tub once in awhile and let the jets run.
  5. wjr75

    Unlimited (sort of) Ice

    I need a filter to get rid of the Fluoride that the gov dumps in our water supply for mixed drinks. Nasty stuff, worked in research labs with fluorine gas for Excimer lasers. Any ideas for a filter for my Thermador fridge ice maker? Looked all over but doesn't look like you can get rid of it...
  6. wjr75

    Loop LOC Ultra-III Cover Replacement

    Hello All, We need to replace are old 15 year old Loop Loc cover solid cover with center window drain. What's the verdic on this new Loop Loc cover Ultra-III cover? We need the solid cover with drains because we have a wading pool with spill over that can't use the mesh otherwise it...
  7. wjr75

    Please help! Chlorine will not go down

    The speed stir is a must also in my opinion for the testing. Get the Tf100 and the stir you are set to do all the testing yourself and not reli on pool store testing
  8. wjr75

    Spa water smells a little...funky...

    Not sure what the issue is but I program my spa's jets, blower and the spa to go on once a day to circulate chlorine thru all the pipes. I run in spa mode for 15 minutes, spa jets for 5 minutes and floor blower for one minute. May have stale water in the pipes is one thought.
  9. wjr75

    Please help! Chlorine will not go down

    Forgot to mention you probably should invest in a TF100 test kit that can measure the Chlorine levels accurately at high levels.
  10. wjr75

    Please help! Chlorine will not go down

    You can swim up to shock level and with a CYA of 60 it is 24 ppm. I wouldn't worry about it and let the sun bring it down.
  11. wjr75

    What's your favorite pool gadget?

    Auto cover and my polaris 280. I havn't vacuumed my pool in 9 years..trouble free for sure.
  12. wjr75

    Raypak display screen sometimes blank

    Those boards are expensive use to be around 300-400 bucks.
  13. wjr75

    Please help- very high chlorine

    The sun should burn it off pretty fast. It's been raining here constantly the last month so not much sun. My pool was 63 degrees this morning and I just started to try to heat it up a little for the weekend. The second I opened the auto cover the maple tree's started to dump the helicopter seeds...
  14. wjr75

    Where should I store my chlorine tablets that are in a closed bucket?

    I have a bucket outside in the shade under the roof eves for three years now. I use them in the spring to bring up the CYA and when we go on vacation.
  15. wjr75

    Help! Question re: Coverstar Automatic Cover

    Really need the pit for the cover installed at the same time you build your pool. I think ours was about $10.5k but that was 15 years ago. We replaced our Coverstar cover for about 1/3 of the price with a Automatic Pool Cover Inc. cover. They also sell complete systems. May want to check the...
  16. wjr75

    Is there still an online version of pool math on this site?

    Looking for pool math on the new site.
  17. wjr75


    May consider some Mirage retractable roller screens for your french doors. Can keep both doors open and not worry about the bugs. We went with the heavier screens since we have two cats. They are pretty nice.
  18. wjr75

    HELP!!! My pool is about to overflow

    I had my pool fill a couple of times back up to the skimmer and after draining the pool back down I just used a cup to skim the water out of the skimmer. I bought some pool winterizer on amazon and added some more to the skimmer with an empty pool bottle also in there.
  19. wjr75

    One skimmer/intake - can I go automatic for the pool cleaner?

    Better off going with a robot verses using the skimmer. I have a pressure side cleaner but a lot of members on here can give you advice on a robot.
  20. wjr75

    Low pH confusion

    All your numbers look good to me and personally I wouldn't mess with anything. I like my TA to be lower than what you have when I have my pool open.
  21. wjr75

    CoverStar tear after less than 3 months

    Our original Cover Star cover ripped at the seam by catching the top metal guide by the roller. Ours was about 10 years old when that happened and was due for replacement. I'm pretty sure that can be patched but is a bummer being new : (. We went with a Auto Pool Covers inc cover replacement...
  22. wjr75

    Wet Edge Satin Matrix start up

    Re: HURRY QUICK Please help: Are rope hooks needed? What would you do? I have them and never used them. I never even thought about filling them in when we replastered and they don't really bother me as well. Good call.
  23. wjr75

    Cloudy hot tub water

    You will burn about 1.5ppm of FC per person per hour. I bump mine up to 7ppm before going in with CYA of 45ppm. I raise is back up to that level when we get out. There is a good link on this site from chemgeek that explains this in detail. I also use 50ppm borates to help with ph rise.
  24. wjr75

    In-ground spa aeration (not another aeration post!)

    Duda Diesal sells boric acid granules in the US..not sure if you can get these from them in Aus. When I have the spa just open in the fall after closing my pool I run the spa 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening...probably over kill. I also have it covered.
  25. wjr75

    In-ground spa aeration (not another aeration post!)

    New plaster makes your ph increase for awhile. May want to try boric acid 50ppm to help stabilize the PH a little. I use the boric acid in my spa after we close the pool in the fall and it helps a little. Also if it is a venturi system there is usually air intake ports somewhere. Closing them...
  26. wjr75

    why do I need to keep slamming my pool??

    I would definitely bump up the FC once you get done with another slam. I keep mine at around 8ppm with a 45ppm CYA. I'm surrounded by trees and in the spring once all of the flowering ones and birches dump I usually have to slam once even when I keep the FC in range. I started using polyquat 60...
  27. wjr75

    Now this is a dedicated Pool Builder!

    Wow! That's crazy!
  28. wjr75

    Some type of stain?

    That's what our old plaster looked like when we bought our house and one of the reasons we did a replaster with Pebble Tech pebble sheen. We had it drained and power washed every year on opening but the stains still would come back by the end of the summer. The previous owners used pucks and a...
  29. wjr75

    IG spa cover

    Spamate makes nice custom covers. I bought a custom three piece a few years back for $500.
  30. wjr75


    I have a large octagon spa and got a 3 piece replacement from Spa Mate online for $505. Best price I found by far. I was getting other quotes for over $1k.