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  1. Orion7319

    Hayward aqua rite 900 flow switch question

    I’m wondering if this is normal behavior. I have a Hayward aqua rite 900. At the end of last summer I replaced the single speed pump with a new VS pump. Previously both the pump and the salt water generator were wired to the timer and so would turn on and off simultaneously. This winter I...
  2. Orion7319

    Good tackle box for cheap

    Amazon has these for $12.00 right now. Very good quality for the price.
  3. Orion7319

    Pentair superflo VST trips breaker at lower speeds

    I discovered this winter that that when I run my new Pentair superflo VST below 1400RPM (I was trying to run it at 1200rpm 24/7 for the winter) the electrical breaker will always trip at some point during the day. Obviously I am not ever planning on running it below 1400RPM now, but what would...
  4. Orion7319

    New Pentair superflo VST electrical wiring question

    My old single speed pump developed a serious leek and needed to be replaced. We decided to go with the Pentair superflo VST. We also have a Hayward Hayward aqua rite 900 saltwater system. My question involves the electrical hook up. The installer simply hooked the pump up using the existing...
  5. Orion7319

    My experience with Maytronics customer service and warranty.

    Just thought I would post to share my recent experience with Maytronics. I have a dolphin nautilus CC plus robot which works great at cleaning the pool we bought it from Amazon and have had it right around a year now. I never bothered registering it or anything. The other day I put the robot in...
  6. Orion7319

    Pool a bit hazy after rain and Sahara dust cloud

    Hello, first post. I am relatively new to owning a pool, we bought our house with a pool in July of last year. The pool was a mess, needed a new liner and new steps because the old fiberglass steps were busted and leaking and the water was green when we bought it. We also upgraded it to a salt...