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    Need Help with Sense and Dispense Timeout

    Last spring I installed the Aquarite Pro with Sense and Dispense and it worked great all year. This spring I am having a problem with Sanitizer Timeout alarm. I will reset the alarm and in a few days it will go back into alarm. Even though it is in alarm the ORP is always between 655mv and...
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    Pentair Clean and Clear Filter HELP!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to replace the inner core in the Pentair Clean and Clear Filter housing? I have the CC200 and I broke the core trying to remove the filter. I can't figure out how to get the old one out to replace it. I can't find any screws so it must be a twist lock system but I tried...
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    Anybody have any experience with Electric Shock Sensors for pools

    Recently a lifeguard at a public pool was electrocuted when she put her hand on the metal ladder. She had just arrived at the pool in the morning to open the pool and she was all alone. It was found out that the pool pump had failed and water got in the motor and there were some problems with...
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    Not Sure What To Think. Totally Confused About What Chemistry

    I just replaced my Aquarite system with a new Aquarite Pro with Sense and Dispense with acid feed and the installer was trying to tell me how I needed to keep the chemistry for the system to work correctly. Well I am totally confused now. He told me that I need to keep the PH at 7.4 and the...
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    Muriatic Acid Vs "Green" Muriatic Acid

    I went to Lowes's to buy Muriatic Acid and they sell both "Green" and regular Muriatic Acid. They were out of the regular which is all that I have been using so I bought some of the "Green" and used it in my pool. What is the difference and which one is better for a pool. I like the low fume...
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    Recommedations for chemical automation system

    I currently have the Jandy RS-8 iaqualink automation system and I have the Hayward Aquarite SWG. I am looking to install a new chemical feed automation system that I can control from the iaqualink app on my phone. I am looking something that will test and add chemicals as needed. Any Suggestions
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    Pool Skimmer Question

    I have two skimmers in my below ground pool and one of them has less flow than the other. They are both tied together in a common line to the pump. Is there a way to regulate the flow in each skimmer? Thanks
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    AquaRite T15 salt cell replacement

    Does anyone on here have any experience with the generic version of the T15 salt cell? They are much cheaper. Are they any good or should I just spend more and get the AquaRite brand?
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    Aqua rite control board gone crazy

    I have a Hayward Aqua Rite salt generator and I have lost control of the output percentage. When I look at the display the percentage is not steady, it changes constantly. When I check the chlorine in the pool it is high even though I have dialed back on the percentage. Has anyone seen this...
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    Telescoping Fountain Head Replacement

    I have a built in telescoping fountain that the head spins and it is worn out and I would like to replace the head. I can't find any information about who makes it. I removed it from the pool and the head has a brass tube that is pressed in the head and it has a lock collar on the bottom of...
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    Hayward swg issue

    I have a Hayward SWG and I can not control the percentage. The chlorine level is rising and i keep turning the dial down and it makes no difference. The percentage on the display is not steady, it jumps from 35, 98, 45, 63 and I currently have it set on 35%. Thanks for the help.
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    Jandy rs temperature sensor

    Does anyone know is there an aftermarket temp sensor replacement for part# 7786. This is a 50' sensor for air/water/solar by Jandy? Thanks
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    Spa temperature problem

    I have the iaqualink controller for my pool spa combo and my spa temperature reads 86 degrees all the time. It never changes. Could the temperature sensor be bad?
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    Pentair filter question

    Does anyone know what the difference is in the Pentair Clean and Clear 150 and the 200 filter? The parts list shows that they have the same dimensions. Will the 200 fit in the 150 housing?
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    Whisperflo Pump Problem

    I have a Whisperflo pump and the o-ring is not sealing on the strainer basket. I have replaced the o-ring and still the same problem. The pump is pulling in a lot of air past the o-ring. Anybody out there know how to fix this? Thanks
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    Need help locating a pump motor bearing dust cap.

    I have a Pentair Whisperflo pump and I need to replace the plastic dust cap on the back of the motor that covers the shaft end. I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get them? Thanks
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    SPA Temperature problem

    I have a Jandy RS-8 with the iaqualink upgrade for a pool/spa combo and it appears that the iaqualink is not updating the temperature when I turn on the spa. It always shows 86 but the spa heater is working and when I look at the display on the heater it is correct but the iphone app always...
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    Is my PH to high???

    I have a swg plaster pool. I'm curious about what is the ideal pool chemistry. My test results are as follows FC 2.5 CC 0 PH 8.0 TA 70 CH 230 CYA 30 I have to add about a gallon of MA every week to keep the PH below 8. I can add the acid and within a day or so it is back up between 7.8 and...
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    Need to Replace a Motor Bearing

    I have a Pentair Whisperflow pump motor that has a bad bearing. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bearing? Are all Whisperflow bearings the same size or are they different for different HP motors?
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    Pumps Tripping Breaker After Startup

    I have two 3hp pumps for my vanishing wall system. I was putting the system back in service today and when I turn the pumps on after about ten seconds the breaker trips. The pumps are turning freely so I don't think it is a motor bearing. Could it be a capacitor? It is not a dead short so I...
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    Spa Blower Motor

    My Spa blower motor is not working. Power is going to the motor but it is not working. I have a Silencer 2.0 HP 240 volt blower. My question is can you buy aftermarket or replacement motors without having to replace the whole thing?
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    Fountain JVA Not Working

    Guys, I have a fountain in my pool and it is controlled by the iAqualink but it does not work. You can operate the JVA by the on off switch but I don't know if it is setup in the aqualink. Does anyone know how to setup the JVA so I can turn it on and off on the iaqualink. I have a Pool/Spa...
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    Aqua Rite Flow Switch Tee Replacement

    My Aqua Rite Flow switch tee start leaking and after further inspection it has a crack where the switch is screwed in. My question is will a standard tee from home depot work or is this tee special?
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    Hayward Aquapure voltage and amp Problem

    My Hayward SWG looks like it is working because the power light and the generator lights are on but I checked the volts and amps and it is showing 31 volts and 0 amps. The dial is set at 18%. I had turned it down from 55% because the chlorine level was high and now it is coming down. Just not...
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    Jandy Aqualink RS Problem

    I have a Jandy Aqualink RS Controller and when I switch from pool mode to spa mode my valves do not operate. The valves will operate by using the toggle switch on the valve but the Aqualink is not controlling the valves. I put the Jandy panel in service mode and the push buttons for the valves...
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    Where is my muriatic acid going

    I am a new pool owner and I am trying to learn about a SWG system. My PH goes up about .2 each day. I am having to add muriatic acid about twice a week to keep it in range. What is happening to the acid? 32,000 gallon plaster pool with spa. SWG
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    AQUA RITE SWG Gone Crazy

    A few weeks ago I installed a AQUA RITE SWG and have added the correct amount of salt to pool. My problem is that I am trying to adjust the percent output and I am having trouble. I started out at 50% for about a week and I could not get the chlorine above 1. I tried to super chlorinate and...