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  1. IrishEyesSmiling

    how to install return plug?

    This is the first year I've attempted to close the pool by myself. I can't figure out how this plug fits in. I unscrewed the return eyeball but there is another piece in there that won't allow the plug to fit. What do I unscrew? I'm afraid of cracking something.
  2. IrishEyesSmiling

    Fort Myers, FL

    My folks just bought a new place in Fort Myers with a pool. I bought them a TF-100 Test Kit and a IC40 & Power Center that needs to be installed and their exposed aggregate deck needs some work. I'm asking if anyone has a recommendation for local company. Thank you! Test results yesterday...
  3. IrishEyesSmiling

    online vs local dealer for replacement SWG cell

    My unit died - so spectacularly the Pentair rep said he’s "never seen that before” and they are still “investigating the leak at the flow switch” not that I expect a fix since in that same email he advised the IC40 would be okay as a replacement (I was concerned with the GPS). So now I’m...
  4. IrishEyesSmiling

    Leak at pump on return

    Rather than call the pool contractor to fix I'm considering DIY. I've never worked with PVC but I've installed a range hood and replaced guts in toilets so I might be okay. I'm wondering if I need to replace the piece or just take apart and add more joint stick? It's leaking where the...
  5. IrishEyesSmiling

    PoolMath App

    Good morning. I downloaded the app and rather than login with my TFP user name I did so with my Google account. I tried deleting and reinstalling but it held previous login. That was a week ago. I had intended to email someone to get it reset but over the weekend paid for the App just so I...
  6. IrishEyesSmiling

    panoramic pic test

    I'm not getting it to show up in preview. Trying it in test track. - - - Updated - - - welp - guess no panoramic pic's allowed.
  7. IrishEyesSmiling

    3 psi on low / 14 on high

    Hello. Pool equipment was just set up this past weekend. We are using 10 gauge electrical cord until permanent electric can be set up next week (pending install of deck). Using liquid chlorine for the time being. I'm only running the pump to get the water going before and after testing...
  8. IrishEyesSmiling

    Lotion/Oil clean-up

    I’ve been reading old forum posts and like the suggestion of using a Scumbug and keeping some New Pig MAT551 Polypropylene Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pads on hand so I put both in my Amazon Wish List*. I recently bought some hairnets on the suggestion it will catch more items before getting to the...
  9. IrishEyesSmiling

    Which test kit??

    Not sure which test kit to get. I know I'll want a speed-stir but what else? Contractor said he might start our install and deck build next week :whoot: I plan to use the TFP method. My notes... Taylor K-1766 is the best kit to measure for salt levels TF-100 $70 also tests for CH and CYA and...
  10. IrishEyesSmiling

    Pre-Purchase AGP equipment questions

    Just want someone to double-check this equipment. Package originally came with Hayward equipment, but per TFP's suggestion, I requested a 2 speed pump and they changed to Pentair. I'm all for saving in the long run so if I pay extra to upgrade now only to enjoy the benefits later count me in...
  11. IrishEyesSmiling

    Hello from Richmond, VA!

    We are close to signing a contract for an 15'x30' AG buried 2'. We will extend our deck to go around pool with steps going in all directions. I would love to have the deck go over the top of the pool so we can sit on the edge but am reading access will be hard for liner change down the road...