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  1. Durangler

    Question about CYA

    Hello everyone. Received my Taylor K-2006C kit late yesterday and did some testing this morning. Numbers: FC - 4.0 CC - .5 pH - 7.7 TA - 250 CH - 725 CYA - ?? Somethings wrong I did an OCLT last night, using my old 5 way kit. At 7:30 pm FC was 3.0. This morning at 6:30 am FC was 2.5. So...
  2. Durangler

    Sand filter pressure with in-floor cleaning

    New here and haven't gone through all the wonderful threads, but plan to begin reading. I've got a in-floor, pop-up cleaning system. As the pop-ups cycle, the filter pressure fluctuates 10 psi or more. As one station is up and flowing, the filter pressure is lower. While changing stations, the...
  3. Durangler

    New to the forum

    Hello TFP. I'm new here and have found info to be helpful, as I've been lurking for about a week. At the moment, I don't have any issues with my pool, but if I do or have questions, it seems this is the place for answers. I'll be reading thru the thousands of posts, to help keep me informed...