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  1. H

    Too many "earthworms" in pool after opening and heavy rain We had heavy rain yesterday and today morning, I noticed 50+ dead worms on the ground. I am not worms expert but they look like earthworms (photo attached). This is my 3rd year taking taking care of the pool and this is my first time encountering this. There is no tree branches above...
  2. BowserB

    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    Just to update. TS Beta has moved on, but this morning another half dozen deceased earthworms on the pool bottom and 40+ leaves on the bottom from our "evergreen" Wax Myrtles, along with a bunch floating or clinging to the waterline tiles. And the skimmer on the south end of the pool is full...
  3. E


    Hello all.. Well, it's been really hot here in Columbia SC...and every morning I wake up to about two dozen earthworms lying dead at the bottom of the pool. I assume they crawl out of the ground at night to get away from the heat and just end up falling in the pool. Any one know of any good...
  4. kellyfair

    Too many "earthworms" in pool after opening and heavy rain

    Wow. Well, they are great for garden soil, so your garden must be in good shape!
  5. ajw22

    Spring Opening Help please.

    Get crushed limestone (lime) from homedepot and spread it around the outside of the pool deck. From The earthworms really liked our pool over the winter Lots of folks share your problem with earthworms. Can you scoop...
  6. AndyTN

    Winter maintenance

    ...pump which only pumps like 3 GPM so it works out well to leave running for a couple days for circulation. This doesn't prevent the 1000 earthworms from getting into the deep end in a mass grave but my water has been clear and balanced at spring opening the past couple years. If you forget...
  7. Fronzizzle

    Earthworms covering the bottom when I opened

    Hello all, I have an above ground pool that is completely surrounded by a deck, so we close it like an inground pool (if that matters). Today, we pulled the cover off and while the water itself looks fine (clear), the bottom is dirty and covered in worms, many still least for the...
  8. R

    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    Thanks again, BowserB. You saved me from a lot of headaches as I was considering Esperanza's as well. Shopping for some Eagleston Hollies now. Stay dry!! :D
  9. N

    Water bug Infestation

    I got two guesss for you. 1) they hatched and fell out of a tree (along with those leaves) and drowned 2) some sort of pill bug living in nearby mulch or under the patio. Rain may have forced them up like earthworms and they fell into the pool trying to escape the rain/puddle
  10. BowserB

    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here... Cypress, you know what weather we're seeing right now--we're just south of you in Katy. This morning, I scooped about 15 big dead earthworms out of the pool and probably 50 or so wax myrtle leaves (and that's after scooping leaves every few hours yesterday.) I could have just run the...
  11. IceShadow

    Opening my pool

    ...return, and 2 gals of 12.5% liquid chlorine is put in via slow dump at the deep end return. Leaf rake to get a bunch of the hundreds of earthworms that crawled in somehow over the winter, and I’ll vacuum in a bit to get the rest along with the dirt, etc on the bottom. Only real question I...
  12. Arizonarob

    This one is for me....

  13. Razorhog

    bugs in my skimmer

    ...I see a lot of spiders in there and I just know at least one of them is still alive and will burst into motion the second I pull the basket out of the water...happens almost every time. I've been getting a lot of earthworms in the pool due to all the rain we've had, but they sink to the bottom ;/
  14. S

    The earthworms really liked our pool over the winter

    Even with a cover on it, I had an explosion of earthworms in my pool. Gross. I uncovered our pool a few days ago and it was a bit cloudy with some dark crud on the bottom. I scooped it out, expecting dirt or whatever, but no....dead earthworms. Dead earthworms all over the bottom of the...
  15. M

    Need help with Stain ID

    ...stains mostly in deep end around the bottom drain. At first I thought they were organic stains resulting from the accumulation of earthworms that always seem to find their way into the pool during the winterization period. However they did not fade with chlorine and I found I can remove...
  16. Wobblerlorri

    Welp, everything's here

    ...playing in the mud. Plans are to finish that this week or on Saturday, then set up the pool on Sunday. EXCELSIOR!! By the way, I've been carefully lifting earthworms out of the way with my garden trowel whilst hubby and son viciously cut them in half with shovel and hoe. How very un-Zen of...
  17. tdp


    Hi everyone, When I opened my pool this past spring, it had a lot of earthworms in it, chlorine was 0, CYA was 0, and I had a positive ammonia test. It was not fun to get the pool in shape. I hardly had any earthworms in the pool over the summer, just one or two if it rained. The last few...
  18. splashpad

    Welp, everything's here

    The leaks will come backto bite them later! heeheehee
  19. R

    Spring Opening Help please.

    ...We just opened it today. I'm in TN where it's been warm then cold and it's getting warm again. But here's the kicker. How in the HECK did earthworms get in there? We just built a deck but that's not even at pool level. It's just below the rails. I saw about 10 of them around the pool here...
  20. Kevin Smith

    No more frog ponds.

    Smell was terrible - tons of frogs and surprisingly earthworms. The sand filter was even worse - anyway its all clean now and my new AquaBot "SpongeBob" is working as I type cleaning up todays leaf debris. Ill post my test results below.
  21. IceShadow

    Pool vac / manual cleaner

    ...up larger things like leaves and they get caught in the normal skimmer basket to empty, which is way easier to clean out then the pump basket and holds more debris to boot. Before I got it I had vacuumed my pool and taken out about 5-6 pump baskets of leaves, dead earthworms, and a dead frog.
  22. JoyfulNoise

    This one is for me....

    ...extension on their deck, na-ah, not gonna happen....unless you perform a $20M environmental impact review to prove you’re not harming the yellow striped earthworms habitat. I hope your project get approved Brian but I will NOT be shocked if you come back with yet another tale of building...
  23. woodyp

    Shivers of plastic in water (see pic)

    There went my theory on frozen earthworms.......
  24. kimkats

    No more frog ponds.

    That is looking great AND it is holding water=SCORE! Earthworms?? ewwwwwwww I bet it did smell bad. You had a whole eco system going on there!!! Good job getting it all cleaned up. I forgot to talk about the gauge. You can get the standard gauge from Lowes or such but know they only last...
  25. IceShadow

    New Member / Owner

    ...of vacuuming up the debris on the bottom of the pool - I had to empty out the pump basket 5-6 times, with tons of leaves, pine needles, earthworms, and even a dead frog getting caught in it. But I cleaned it out, and we brushed off the sides. It looked much better, though of course after all...
  26. T

    OCLT Question during/after SLAM

    ...Spontaneous Generation? The earthworm migration slows as the rain does. After H Harvey, the bottom of my pool was covered w them. the net was pretty disgusting w 3-4lbs of earthworms weighing it down. Hopefully my OCLT will yield favorable results ! I'll post back Sat am. Thanks, tstex
  27. bdavis466

    This one is for me....

    Yes you are correct about that and I'm not hopeful either. I'm pretty sure this city outsources their structural reviews to a private firm. If you're that firm guess how you keep the city's business??? By showing you're doing a thorough job and that equals corrections:roll: I didn't update...
  28. D

    Robot or In Floor cleaner

    ...was built in the late 80's, like chiefwej said it just blows the debris around until it falls into the drain. My mom has an issue with earthworms getting into her pool and the IFC just blows the worms around, she bought a robot 2 years ago and absolutely loves it. I just finished building...
  29. tdp


    All I know is when I opened the pool two seasons ago, there were few if any earthworms, and the CYA had certainly fallen from its in-season value of 70, but was still about 30 or so. This season, quarts of earthworms, CYA stone cold zero. Having all those earthworms get in the pool during the...
  30. T


    ...guess on the plus side, zero sun to break down CL and I've cleaned out the pool of anything and the skimmers...But, w this rain, I'm probably going to get 100's of earthworms over night... If the rains continue to train w heavy downpours, is there anything I can do to modify my SLAM? thank you