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    Algae in fountain but FC is at 8ppm

    Keep them around in case you have to take a trip. Your CYA will inch up when you use them though. Part of the reason why pucks are not a good long-term option.
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    Pool Still Green

    Show us pictures of the valve, and gasket. I typically replace gasses more often than necessarily to make sure these are never the issue. Id take a guess that the DE from you recently discovered third jet may have been clogged in that jet for a long time. when you add DE now (with the grids...
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    Pool Still Green

    First off, keep at it. Second, as I look through this thread, it seems you may not be targeting AMY maintaining your target? Your CYA is 40, so you want your FC to be at 16 all the time. (40 x 40%). So so my suggestion is to post on this thread a picture and you FC test results every day or...
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    Pool Still Green

    I'll take a guess. Now that your filter is clean and working well, you are getting better flow, and the residual DE in this pipe was purged due to better flow. Since it would seem you only have one pump, and one filter, it is a return. It may have lost its eyeball, or you may find the eyeball...
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    Pool Still Green

    Re: Pool Still Green Pool math will make recommendations for FCYA level--30-50. Since you are SLAMing, shooting for the low side will reduce the FC level you need to maintain during the SLAM. Seeing as you are over 100, you will want to remove more than half your water. With a liner pool...
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    Purple Precipitate

    Try the tarp approach to draining and refilling. Put a very large tarp over your pool, then drain from under it, put the new water on top of it, and when you get to the right ratio of new to old water, slip out the tarp. You will waste a lot less water that way, and you can get down to your...
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    After 12 lbs shock and 3 gallons liquid chlorine the green swamp is getting worse!

    Alright! You are off to the Races. Remember to watch the pressure on your filter. As it gets filled with dead Algae, it will need to be cleaned.
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    SLAM time (first ever attempt)

    First thing to do is to read this: PH may rise during the SLAM, so start off on the low side, 7.2 I'd suggest. You are at 7 so that is a little too low. Don't bother to measure PH during the SLAM, it will be...
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    Dead algae

    I lust for the Dolphin S300i. My current Dolphin works really well, but is bottom loaded, and does not have an iPhone interface. I almost wish it would break to I could rationalize a new one. Would you add the size and/or gallons of your pool in your signature? I have an oversized Quad DE...
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    How in the world do I keep getting algae??!?!

    Can you take a diamond grinder and or drill to the "bowl" on your waterfall so it completely drains? Also, I don't think you want to take apart the light. Leave waterproof seals alone. Just pull the light from the niche, an scrub the niche.
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    Started the SLAM.....

    Also, take your water, dilute it 2:1 and see what that gets you.
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    Started the SLAM.....

    How about the DPD XL at TFT for 16.50. And CYA for 8? Not too expensive and accurate.
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    Newbie Question - FC & CC

    FC kills algae, not scrubbing, not filters, and not cleaning behind the light. The scrubbing and cleaning behind the light is to make sure you get every last critter *exposed* to the FC. Some Algae form a colony, and the algae on the top layer gets killed, but then protects the algae under that...
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    Newbie Question - FC & CC

    Your suspicions are probably right; You didn't take the SLAM all the way to the end, so the Algae is coming back. So, now that you have the DPD, make sure you have plenty of Chlorine Reagents. If you don't, get more from Get plenty of Chlorine, check the table for the proper...
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    1st SLAM - Very Happy

    Yes! We like TFP. The proof is in the ultra clear water. You have found the one downside that I found. Now you see all the flaws in your pool bottom, and then you want to get that fixed too. ;-)
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    Green pool, plan to drain ASAP

    Especially CYA. If your CYA is really over 250, I think that water may need to go. And CYA is not as easy to get right as other measures.
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    Green pool, plan to drain ASAP

    If you are sure about the 250 CYA, you may have to empty. I say this because poolmath tells us you would need 100-130 FC. That would require 30+ gallons of chlorine just to get started. And when u are all done, you won't want to live with a CYA level that high anyway. But I'm new to this, so...
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    New pool owner, green pool help

    OK, well, I am now officially contributing to the delinquency of pool stores. ;-)
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    New pool owner, green pool help

    Sorry to hijack this thread Kimkats, How do I become a supporting member? TFP has already saved me bucks, why not give some back? Jon