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    Threaded fittings, reasonable?

    Also, take a look at the Quad DEs. Almost all the benefits of a cartridge filter, all the benefits of a DE filter, and few of the downsides. Also, for me it was easier to get an oversize filter [A 40 would work, I got an 80], and this added two really nice benefits. Less electricity costs...
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    Help with Quad DE

    My bad. By not touching it, I meant stop backwashing it. Many are removing the backwash valve with the Quad DEs since they work so well for so long without doing anything. backwashing a Quad is largely an obsolete thing, in my experience. There really is no upside to backwashing, and there are...
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    Cleaning Cartridges with Muriatic acid

    What is your test kit? I ask, because measurements like 262 for CH means you have a very accurate test, or it might not be the right value. Also, if it is pool store measurements, or strips, these are often inaccurate; to the point of not really being useful. You have a CC of 1.0, this is...
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    Help with Quad DE

    It seems to be that maybe part of the overall performance issue is far too much backwashing. It seems you are doing tit every week when once or twice a year is plenty unless you have constant and heavy use. Even then hen maybe once every 4 months. Your Quad 60 is oversize for that pool (which...
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    Help with Quad DE

    Pretty soon you will consider this clarity normal. ;-) That's TFP for you. - - - Updated - - - Pressure gauge. This is the one I have on my Quad. Nice gauge. - - - Updated - - - Yes. Drop in. Or more like teflon tape and screw on.
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    Help with Quad DE

    I have a quad DE And lots of use and lots of organic matter constantly in pool. In 9 months pressure increased less than 10%. When I went to clean it, it really didn't need it. I'd think I could go a year between cleaning. So,let say his load was double or even triple my load. That would...
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    Help with Quad DE

    What is nagging at my brain is your statesmen "...raise up to 5" instead of "raise up to 8. With this high a CYA, if you are keeping it well below 5, you may be at a perfect level to grow and harvest Algae. You may want to keep it at a steady higher level for a while and see if that helps with...
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    Help with Quad DE

    I opened up my Quad DE filter after 9 months and was surprised how clean it was. So clean I likely won't clean it except every year. I really like my Quad DE. between it and TFP my water is remarkably, even eerily crystal clear. At night, my girlfriend sometimes jokes by asking me why I...
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    I don't think my main drain is working
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    So the SVRS is a safety feature for those with intake issues. If it detects intake obstructions it reduces flow. I never looked into how this is implemented, but could your pump be erroneously detecting intake obstructions and bypassing? I'd look interesting that.
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    JohnT may be on to something. Do u have an SVRS pump?
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    How are you checking for good vs poor flow?
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    It is not working well this year, did not work well last year. Did it ever work well?
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    OK, so I assume at some point in the past you got consistent high flow rate. You get good flow rate when initially charged with DE, so it is very likely the filter elements. You can verify this by running the filter without them; but I'd focus on the elements, this verification is very likely...
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    Pool RPM and timer settings

    Seems like excessive run time and excessive RPM, unless you have something that is driving you to this high an RPM. I've been running mine 8 hours a day at 1200. With balanced CSI, it stays crystal clear. I could probably drop it back to 6 hours and turn up my SWG. Pool School recommends...
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    Been dealing with this for over a year. Any thoughts?

    The good news is you have isolated the problem to the filter. I assume all last year you would get "tons of flow" at 2500?
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    Pump sizing for SWCG?

    This is only true if you consider the standby energy to run the SWG. If you take into consideration the cost of running the pump, the lowest energy cost will be the lowest pump RPM that still has everything working well. Energy use for your pump changes non linearly with RPM. And pump energy...
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    Pump Recommendation - 2 Speed or VFD for new Solar System

    With Solar I'd recommend the Intelliflow VS for sure. This way you can get the flow rate you want without spending extra $$ and adding overpressure to your solar array. Basically, if your low speed setting wont drive the array flow, you will have to run it on it's high speed. With the VS, you...
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    Ready to replace all my equipment - Need suggestions

    I see you are in California, so my experiences may be similar to yours. So, I just added Solar, and it took me abot 4 minutes t do the programming. I opened up the control box, saw the marking on the control board for the solar temp sensor, and hooked up the actuator to the aux plug [which was...
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    Equipment Selection - Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

    Suggest IC60. Cost per lb of CL is lower, and it will last longer. Yes, more bucks up front. Not sure why you need a second loop; is this for the deck jets? I assume you won't be adding a SPA.
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    Ordering equipment for pool and need help!!

    I'd recommend the IC60. The cost per lb of chlorine is about as low as you can get, and it will last longer.
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    Solar Diverter Valve...backflow?

    So there is loss between your pump and your filter. That loss increases non-linearly with flow rate. Before I re plumbed it, I was losing, estimated 4 psi between my pump and filter. Anyway, it sounds like your system is such that you need to run it near 2100. You don't have much of a choice...
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    Solar Diverter Valve...backflow?

    You are measuring pressure at the middle of your system, so your PSI estimate is low. Basically, since you are measuring at your filter, the pressure losses after that are not being measured. I higly recommend a flow meter (I'm designing one into my solar installation), because with a...
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    Solar Diverter Valve...backflow?

    pooldv beat me to it. That link will help you understand that you are probably using more run time and a higher power setting than you need. Ok, so you saw how lowering the pressure saves you a lot of money, and will have less chance of over pressuring your system. I'd suggest you take another...
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    Solar Diverter Valve...backflow?

    Ok, you will lose 4.3 psi getting up to 10', and another 3 getting to the top of your array. so, measure pressure anywhere you want and we will know the pressure elsewhere (approximately). At 50 GPM (5 GPM per panel x 10), you will lose 1.2 psi per 100ft of your 2" pipe. The lower the...
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    Labeling Pipes and Valves

    Good post!
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    Solar Diverter Valve...backflow?

    Solar panels do well with low pressure, as they are hot, flexible, thin walled pipes, made of materials not intended to hold high pressure at elevated temperatures. So so this will be easy to calculate once we ge the info we need: 1) flow rate vs pressure drop across the panels. We can...
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    Need pump recommendation for bubbler+water feature

    Valve connected to your automation?