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    Replaced incandescent bulb with LED bulb, won’t turn on.

    I have a Pentair housing in my pool and spa. I wanted to replace my incandescent bulb with an LED. However, the bulb won’t turn on. When I put the incandescent back in, works fine. When I test the led bulb in a standard fixture, works fine. I’m not sure what this spring is that touches the bulb...
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    Drip leak where pump output goes into filter

    I have a leak that’s about 1 drop per second right where the pipe from the pump connect to my filter. I’ve not worked with plumbing before, is this a DIY repair or should I call someone? If call, do you recommend calling pool repair or a plumber?
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    Spa light won't turn on

    Our spa light won't turn on. I pulled the housing and replaced the bulb (old bulb sounded bad when I shook it). Even with the replacement bulb, i can't get it to turn on. The switches are X10 WS467. I've tried every combination of pressing and holding to make sure it isn't just dimmed, but...
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    SWCG selection for 13k pool

    Hello Gurus, I have a 13k pool, so I know I'll be looking for a 26k+ rated SWCG. I checked out discount salt pool and they recommended the Core-35, but I'm not sure that will work because my plumbing would be in the way of the unit that sticks up. Looking for recomendations. I'll self install...
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    Fired the pool guy, I'm taking over! Levels and questions.

    Hello TFP! I bought a home in Henderson, NV with a pool last year, but decided to hire out someone to take care of it for me. This summer I've decided to take over myself! I've done my initial testing with the TF100 kit and it seems like we have some work to do. I've read the beginning articles...
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    Polaris Caretaker 5 port - Not popping up and missing screen

    I bought a new home with an in ground pool, and I have slowly but surely been teaching myself about pool maintenance. Recently my popups have stopped popping up. If I bypass the caretaker I get excellent flow out of the other pool returns. By switching between the bypass and the caretaker, I can...