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    Finally got an open hole! (then comes the monsoons...)

    How do you like the spa like that? I love the idea of the spa being level with the pool, or just slightly elevated. Does it work well? Is your spa spill over just a hair over the pool water and it constantly is flowing out and over the tile into the pool? Again, I love love love the look of this...
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    Wet edge finish issues, recently completed

    I am not sure what to think about the white spots but I will say that I love you water color. What color is it?
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    Well worth the wait, complete pool overhaul.

    Awesome transformation, Love the colors!
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    Pool/Spa design question

    In for any answers and advice on this as well since I was interested in doing the same thing.
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    Mineral Pack?

    good to hear that cause the SWG is the way I lean to for ease of use. Now another question regarding this though. If Pool builder A, doesn’t push SWG pools and does not build all that many because they push the mineral system, but pool builder B, LOVES SWG pools do you choose PB B cause of the...
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    Mineral Pack?

    I am in east texas :(
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    Mineral Pack?

    OMG, I completely apologize. I normally don't let much past me but yes, your are right.. that one went right over my head. I understand what you are saying now. I am not sure why, but salt pools around here get such a bad rap that they have put a lot of unfounded fear in peoples mind. Was just...
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    Mineral Pack?

    I definitely lean towards a salt pool but what how close is "too close" to a metal house? I have a large, all metal structure built porch that we were going to take the pool deck right up to.
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    Grotto slide- Fiberglass, concrete, penny round??

    What range are they quoting for that as an add on? My crew is wanting a big enough grotto for jumping and would love a slide built into it as well but I am concerned about the number?
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    Mineral Pack?

    Thanks, it did sound too good to be true but then they say things like "oh, you don't really want a SWG pool" they will eat up everything in sight. It doesn't help any that I built a "metal" house and they claim the rust is horrendous. At what distance from a SWG pool do you not worry about...
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    Mineral Pack?

    This is probably the wrong place to post this but I wanted to check and see if anyone had any experience with "mineral systems"? PB says that they are "awesome"... requires less chlorine, so it is easier on your skin but also "easier" to maintain than SWG systems? I know SWG are supposedly easy...
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    Pebble vs Plaster

    Around my area it seems that several use the PPM finishes. I don't have any experience with them though so are there any thoughts or concerns with the PPM products?
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    my wife and kids want the grotto a lot. They want it to be in one on the bump outs on the free form shape so that it can be a little deeper there but we still have somewhat of a “play pool” in the overall width.
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    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX

    i like Kahlua as well
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    HELP! SOS! :) Choosing Waterline Tile Grout in a Flash

    another bottom left vote here
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    I am extremely curious in your setup. We have be contemplating something almost identical. Did they give you any ideas on what the physical size the 6-ton grotto would be? Also curious as to what your bid looks like, but understand if you want to keep that to yourself.