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    Pool build underway - NE Fla (plumbing)

    Hi all, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the constructions posts as we've researched and planned our pool build these past few months and I'm excited I can finally contribute to the "Under Construction" forum! All of our pool stats are in my signature line. The yard was "scraped" last...
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    Pool deck experience with hot concrete pavers

    We've signed a pool contract and our current plan is to continue the concrete pavers that we just installed last year around our pool and as the coping. Unfortunately, I really do not like our pavers. Although they look fantastic, they get terribly hot in the our full sun backyard. So hot that...
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    PLM 300 cartridge filter - size up?

    We're getting ready to sign a contract this week and I'm having second thoughts about my filter. As of now, we're getting a PLM 300 cartridge filter for our 15x30 uncaged pool. I know TFP recommends the biggest filter you can get. What is the next size up from the PLM 300? I'm wondering if...
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    Mixing color Pentair lights - IntelliBrite and MicroBrite

    Has anyone used both IntelliBrite and MicroBrite lights in their pool? I'm wondering if there are any color variances between the IntelliBrite and the MicroBrite light. I understand the the IntelliBrite and GloBrite blue lights have different hues.
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    Feasibility of adding a heater/cooler unit after pool build

    I can't thank you all enough for the experience and wisdom you impart on us. We're in the planning stages of a PB and wondering how feasible it is to add a heater/cooler unit after a PB? Is it worthwhile to ask the PB to wire/plumb it now so that we can add it later? The pool will be in...
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    Pool Proposal in NE FL - feedback requested!

    Below is a pool proposal from a builder that we are seriously considering. All feedback is welcome. We are very interested in hearing thoughts on the builder's suggested equipment. The design is not quite finalized, but I will post it when it is. The builder is very experienced and has a good...