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    TWO Stenner Pumps pulling acid from ONE Tank

    Hi TFP Experts, Is it possible to combine two stenner pump feeder tubes to one tube ('Y' splitter)? I want to have two stenner pumps pull liquid from one pentair acid tank (there isnt two holes in the tank for a 2nd tube). Any ideas of how to make this work? Trying to avoid drilling another...
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    Spa jets cold

    Hi TFP, When the spa jets are on at the same time as the spa heater, the water comes out warm instead of hot. It's my guess that the water is coming from the cold pool instead of the spa. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Need a backwash plumbing solutino

    Hi TFP, My backwash was plumbed so that the end of the line ends up in my front garden and white DE is getting all over the plants (along with the pool water and other chemicals). I'm told that they used a 2 inch pipe with a 3" cover. The picture with the measuring tape is the end of the line...
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    Scientific evidence that hi FC is safe

    Hi! My wife is a microbiologist and is concerned about 2-3ppm of FC in the pool I've noticed that I need FC closer to 5-6 to prevent algae. TFP says FC up to (pool specific) slam levels are safe for swimming if the water is still clear. Do you have any science to back this that I might share...
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    Spa jets in pool mode

    Hi TFP, My spa jets has water coming out when in "pool mode". Not a big deal but I think it might be affecting the amount of water pressure coming through the jets in the pool. I also noticed that when the spa massage Jets are on that the amount of water pressure coming through the pool...
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    Hayward ORP Pump Timing

    Hi TFP, I have a Hayward ORP system (I know it's not loved on this forum) and the ORP seems to not catch up to the set ORP level (it's always a lower # than the set point- I just slammed the pool a few days ago and the combined chlorine is less than 0.5). I noticed that the Chlorine pump is...
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    Adding Acid after passing overnight fc test

    Hi TFP, My pool passed the overnight chlorine test this morning and I now have a pool with 12 FC. I know that the PH test is inaccurate with high chlorine levels but I'm certain the PH is high and I don't want to have calcium buildup as a result. Should I just dump some acid now or should I...
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    Stenner pump delivering acid while pool pump is off

    Hi TFP, Can anyone let me know what happens if a stenner pump delivers acid while the pool pump is off (no water flow)? One member said that the heater copper could corrode but I am using this in a fountain with no heater so could it affect anything else (the pool pump, the glass tile in the...
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    Trichlor Tablets for Separate Water Feature

    Hi TFP, I have a water feature that is separate from my pool but has a Hayward pool VS pump and filter. The PH is extremely difficult to balance and I'm assuming it's because of the following reasons: *Large size of the waterfall causing aeration *Evaporation of water and autofill...
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    Low PH vs CSI

    Hi TFP, My main goal is to prevent scaling as I have a BLACK granite raised negative edge pool (water overflows on two sides). Is a slightly negative CSI the only number to be concerned about? I have read that a low PH is important for scale prevention but when I keep my PH on the low end...
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    Can DE Alternatives change pump effectiveness

    Hi TFP, I have a dedicated VS pump for a raised negative edge spill over. I recently noticed that the water is no longer spilling over the entire wall causing dry spots when the pump is on low speed. I did recently clean the filter and change from de to aqua perl (de alternative). Filter psi...
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    Should I clean/backwash DE Filter before SLAM & VS Pump Speed for SLAM

    Hi TFP, I have very slight algae that is mostly only noticeable when brushing because I can see the 'algae cloud'. There is almost no algae in the pool and the there is slight algae outside the pool around 'floating steps' that are surrounded by pool water (they are in the shade and have poor...
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    Is the wet grout a concern (see video)

    Hi TFP, I have a new build that includes raised black granite tiles for the infinity pool spill edge. There are a few grout lines that are always wet prior to the spill edge pump turning on. I'm concerned that water might be coming from the pool. Kindly share your thoughts and below is a...
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    Is 0 CYA OK with liquid chlorinator

    Hi TFP, Loving TFP, thank you all! My microbiologist wife is totally against having CYA in the pool. We have a liquid chlorinator and are OK with spending extra $$ for additional chlorine that may not be be needed with adequate CYA levels. Any concerns with this setup other than the spending...
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    Fountain Pump Height & Not enough water in Pump Basket

    Hi TFP, I have a new construction fountain (no one swims in it) in which the Hayward in-ground Tristar .5HP pump is located many feet above the fountain (also a relatively far plumbing run of approximately 20-30 feet). There is a valve that directs water to either recirculate back to the pump...
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    New Pool Build- Raised Infinity Edge Glass Tile Pool

    Hi Everyone, Some people have requested pics of my in progress pool build. The gunite was just recently completed. I do have some concerns about the plumbing being below the gunite floor (see pics) and that the house weep holes were covered (also shown in pics). Would definitely appreciate...
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    Gunite Problem- What's the solution? Please help!!!

    The pool drains are off center. How can this be corrected at this stage?
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    Soil Report & Caissons or Keyways- PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi TFP Experts- Please help... I am totally at a loss as to what to do. I had a soil report done and it shows that there is a chance for soil movement of up to a half inch. Some people we spoke to are suggesting caissons to 'nearly' ensure no movement. This is at a cost of up to $50k-75k...
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    $140,000 Quote for an amazing pool- Is this reasonable?

    Please help me with this quote for a pool in Southern California. Is this reasonable for what I am getting? Any other thoughts are greatly welcomed! Standard pool includes: plans, permits, standard engineering, standard excavation, 2” up to 3” schedule 40 plumbing, minimum 3 return lines with...