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    Pool cover agp/salted

    So I have the 16x32 intex pool. It came with a cover but is the winter cover worth buying, and why and what brand? We r in Montana also. It’s a salted pool so it’s my first year closing it. Also what’s the point of the pillow? Is it to keep the cover from sinking? Water temp around 60*
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    Rectangle pool corner

    So has anyone figured out how they can keep water from Splashing out the corner?
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    Circupool swcg ?

    So I’m looking into a swg for my pool. I am so confused on size I would need. I have an intex 16x32x52. With a 2800 gph krystal clear sand pump. I have went to their website and read about it. My brain is not getting it, please help. I would spend a Fortune on chlorine where I live. 14,300 gal...
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    Where’s the chlorine!?

    I have been searching for liquid chlorine everywhere! All it brings up is pool chemicals that are expensive and not what I need. Am I looking for the wrong stuff?? I’m in Montana and I can drive to Kalispell to pick up stuff if I could find it. I need it in bulk at least 20 gallons a month...
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    Average amount liquid chlorine

    On average for a 14300 gallon abg pool in full sun, used a decent amount by kids. Sand filter. How much liquid chlorine should I have for the summer? We don’t live near a store that would stock large amount. Ace hardware is our only option. Until we can drive 1.5 hrs away. Well water. Will be...
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    Prep work for water

    So I need to know, do I test the water that we r filling the pool with with the test kit we will be using, or do I take it in to a water test place (we have a plumbers store that does basic water testing) to figure out what, and how much supplies I will need when we start filling up The pool. It...
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    Setting up a 32x16 Intex pool

    So we had a 15ish’ round pool, we just bought a 32x16x54 rectangle Intex pool. with: sand filter and I got a 2500 canister filter I want to do hard plumbing and add black hose for heating but be able to disconnect when warm enough. Open to suggestions we want to possibly put a 10x2...