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  1. pookiesunshine

    Plumbing advice - replace ball valve

    Uh, Mr. Obvious here, but i am guessing the top part of the union is cracked and needs to be removed? sorry.
  2. pookiesunshine

    Water still leaking to waste when pump is on filter

    you might try moving the key a fraction. turn pump off, push handle down as if you are going to change valve position, but just bump it a fraction and reseat the key. that has worked for me in the past when i had that problem.
  3. pookiesunshine

    Sand / dirt coming in pool only when pump is on

    With your valve in recirc turn on the pump for an hour; stop the pump, leave the valve in recirc. in a couple hours restart the pump. do you still see debris coming out the jets? if not, your valve gasket may need to be replaced. if you still see debris you may have a crack in the return line or...
  4. pookiesunshine

    Debris coming out of jets after I vacuum to waste.

    it really shouldn't matter since whatever is in the line after vacuuming will be filtered.. it is not the same as when you backwash, if you dont rinse after backwash, you will see junk coming out of the return jets.
  5. pookiesunshine

    Debris coming out of jets after I vacuum to waste.

    When you are done vacuuming junk, are you allowing clean pool water to clear out the hose and pipe up through the valve?
  6. pookiesunshine

    Why am I Losing prime/head while vacuuming? arrrgh!!!

    The leak should be somewhere at the level where the water level stops dropping faster than you would expect from evaporation. Check the liner all around at that level.
  7. pookiesunshine

    Flimsy Skimmer Handle

    make one out of long zip tie?
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    No recirculate, can I backwash into pool?

    from the manual here: Short cycles -- even after proper bumping, draining, and recharging Contaminated (clogged) Flex-Tube braids caused by: a. Natural accumulation of chemical deposits (accelerated if...
  9. pookiesunshine

    No recirculate, can I backwash into pool?

    This is similar to the DE filter i used to have. Is what you refer to as a backwash port really the drain port? The short answer to your original question is no.
  10. pookiesunshine

    Suction side Air leak from skimmer line

    try rigging a way to pressure test (low pressure) the skimmer line section. and keep the dug out filled with water just to see if any air bubbles are noted, although you seem to have ruled that out already. good luck.
  11. pookiesunshine

    Let's play "Where's my leak?"

    are you seeing any damp areas between the filter and the pool along the run of the return lines or are the return lines mostly covered by concrete?
  12. pookiesunshine

    suction side leak fixed-finally

    i used a squirt bottle of water to test joints for a small leak that was causing a few bubbles in the pump basket. found it at a coupling on the main drain line coming out of the ground. repeated attempts to fix it failed. until it dawned on me that maybe it wasnt at the TOP of the coupling but...
  13. pookiesunshine

    Low PSI on sand filter

    no manual found on blue torrent site, but found similar if not the same here: says to fill at least half way but not more than 3/4 full. usually a quantity to use is listed. anyway, if you did this it should be okay...
  14. pookiesunshine

    What's coming out of my return? (under water videos)

    for some reason i had assumed he was rinsing....
  15. pookiesunshine

    Filter pressure gauge never changes - always 18 psi

    What was the pressure reading? i'm guessing 5 or less. Ditto what Bama asked for.
  16. pookiesunshine

    What's coming out of my return? (under water videos)

    Wild hair idea. When you are done manually vacuuming, let the pump run an extra 5 minutes before turning it off to unseat the lid.
  17. pookiesunshine

    Dirty water from jet after vacuuming?

    some other things to try, especially if you dont have enough water to backwash. When you turn the pump off after vacuuming to filter: 1. turn valve from filter to waste and run pump for 15 to 30 seconds, or 2. turn valve from filter to rinse and run pump for 15 to 30 seconds, then turn pump off...
  18. pookiesunshine

    How to drain water in winter - inground with mesh cover

    Veccster, i have a similar situation and have not worried about draining water during the winter. over 25 years no far.
  19. pookiesunshine

    extremely low pressure reading on my cartridge filter

    perhaps the filter cartride is damaged or misaligned to allow bypass and lower pressure?
  20. pookiesunshine

    Trying to "deep clean" very dirty sand

    Cat, the Voyager cleaner he uses has a part that inserts into the skimmer hole; called a weir valve in the manual, i referred to it as a flow adaptor in my previous post. reference page 5 in the manual.
  21. pookiesunshine

    Trying to "deep clean" very dirty sand

    Cat and Dave, one of my first thoughts also was skimmer socks; however, the pool vac he is using precludes their use in the skimmer. Since use of a sock in the pump basket is not recommended any time, the only way a sock might be used in his situation is to modify the Voyager installation...
  22. pookiesunshine

    Dr. Drydens Activate / Enhance Summer

    Good one! and thanks for the clarification.
  23. pookiesunshine

    Dr. Drydens Activate / Enhance Summer

    Matt, thanks for the info. curious as to where you found that. the only sds info i could find, including the ACO posted by Richard, dont mention it. Is TiO2 suspension a common EU cya replacement?
  24. pookiesunshine

    Dr. Drydens Activate / Enhance Summer

    i was curious because i have the activated media but have never used the enhance summer. i could not find the ingredients except for one article that showed 90 to 100 percent were materials below reportable levels. not very helpful. i did find several descriptions that stated it replaced the...
  25. pookiesunshine

    Less water = better skimmer operation

    just to be clear, are you talking about halfway between the arrow at minimum level and the top, or do you really mean halfway from top to bottom of opening? I didn't check mine before asking but i think my min level arrow is about halfway total opening. thanks. now that you mention it, it does...
  26. pookiesunshine

    Dirt and debris coming from jets during normal filtering

    check your spider gasket in the multiport valve. it might be allowing crossover of dirty to clean. if that is okay, you might have a crack in your standpipe or a loose connection between the standpipe and mulitport valve that sits on top of it.
  27. pookiesunshine

    Losing Pressure When Attaching manual vacuum hose

    what kind of head is you new vacuum? if one like this, it can get sucked down to the floor and prevent flow. do you still have your old vacuum head to try?
  28. pookiesunshine

    How to vacuum your pool

    Re: How to vacuum your pool. what kind of vacuum head are you using?
  29. pookiesunshine

    Can I do this for a backwash

    something like this not recommending this site, just first one i found easily. not saying it's bad either.