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  1. Brentr

    Anyone opening early?

    Pool officially opened 2 weeks ago :cheers:
  2. Brentr

    What does everyone do with their cover for the summer?

    I clean and dry my cover out, fold it neatly and as small it can, then I store it in my garage. A solar cover usually last about 3 years. Hope this helps:cheers:
  3. Brentr

    What is BREAK IN PERIOD?

    Not sure what finish you have but I went in the pool as soon as we started putting in water. Per the PB he said just tread lightly so as not to put foot prints into the plaster. We started swimming the very next day however as I recall the water was green and cloudy and not very pretty to look...
  4. Brentr

    Pool opening roll call!!

    Your climate/region - Jacksonville, North Florida -Average/usual opening date (range) 60 deg low, 82 deg high, usually start swimming late February to early March. -Current water temp- 94 degrees yesterday with solar running, started swimming last week however this weekend was the official...
  5. Brentr

    So whats your starting swim Temp?

    88 or higher is perfect for us. We went swimming for the first time Easter Saturday as the pool reached 88 with the solar on :cheers: :cheers:
  6. Brentr

    What is your pool temp

    85 today but I just had solar installed on Tuesday and it ran from Wednesday till Friday (today.) I started out at 61 degrees.... :goodjob: :party: :whoot: :cheers: :cheers:
  7. Brentr

    Don't close pool and now freezing - advice

    Quote:Most people won't have the blowing sand/silt I have but my SolarBreeze (solar top skimmer) finally came in. (I'll start a new post on that when I start using it.) The version 1 models were sold out. The inventors are in development for version 2 to be released this year. They sent me a...
  8. Brentr

    To close or not to close (SC)

    Not sure what your pool budget is but we screened in our pool and tied it in with our Florida Room and house. I get no debris and not sure what to do with our polaris, It is brand new and I used it once just to see it run. Maybe I will sell it :-D Look at our pics in the signature box :cheers: