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  1. Brentr

    Polaris 360

    I also have a Polaris 360 and love it when we use it. Most folks here seem to like electric robots however they are about twice the cost so the ball is in your court:cheers:
  2. Brentr

    Which Pool Robot?

    MargieC welcome to TFP:wave: Here is a great thread on robot cleaners however it is very lengthy Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club Hope this helps:cheers:
  3. Brentr

    Polaris 390 wall fitting

    Can you post a pic and we will get some more eyes on this?
  4. Brentr

    Polaris 390 wall fitting

    Welcome to TFP:wave: From what I can tell you can unscrew your wall fitting and take out the piece that is stuck inside it with a pair of pliers. Look at this link for parts Polaris 3900 SPORT Swimming Pool Cleaner Parts Hope this helps:cheers:
  5. Brentr

    Why does my Polaris 360 end up like this all the time??

    Try moving the swivel part closest to the Polaris unit. I did that and it stopped tangling. Hope this helps[emoji482]
  6. Brentr

    Why does my Polaris 360 end up like this all the time??

    Hi Chris, is the Polaris just stopped? If so the pressure has dropped. Check the screen filter where you attach the hose to the side of the pool. Hope this helps:cheers:
  7. Brentr

    Polaris owners read!

    Wow thanks for this posting. I will have to remember this as I also have a polaris:cheers:
  8. Brentr

    Polaris Pool Sweep 360 Feed Hose

    I believe it should last quite a few years. I have a Polaris (8years old) and it still looks like brand new however I only use it about 2 times a year. When not in use it is in the original box in the garage. Do you leave it in the pool all the time? What is your water chemistry? If you have too...
  9. Brentr

    Best cleaner for small screened plaster pool in S. Florida

    We have a polarias 360 and it seems to do a great job. Only use it one or twice a year as we too have a screened in pool. I use cut off legs from a panty hose inside the fine screen bag and it picks up all the fine sand. Hope this helps:cheers: