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  1. pookiesunshine

    Pool was clean last night. Woke up and dirt is back.

    check your filter type on the robot cleaner; i'm guessing it might be too coarse. my robot came with coarse and fine filters. i'm thinking maybe a lot of the dirt is bypassing the robot filter and resettling later.
  2. pookiesunshine

    losing prime when attempting to vacuum - even pool experts at a loss

    yes, pictures might be helpful. so this is the first year this has happened, no problems in previous years? if so, what has changed-new pump, etc.? [i see your notes on hoses, heads, no need to repeat that]. [nevermind, you answered before i could post. haha. When you attach the vacuum hose to...
  3. pookiesunshine

    Three return valve confusion!!

    Well, i'll throw in my 2 cents even though not familiar with intex. i dont see a skimmer anywhere, but isnt it going to be at the water level? that would be the one on the left, at least it is higher than the other two. i cannot see the pump and filter connections clearly but from what i can...
  4. pookiesunshine

    Favorite Pool Toys & Accessories

    A friend of mine said he doesnt need a koozie. beer doesnt stay in the can long enough to get warm...
  5. pookiesunshine

    Scaly Crusty Gross Stuff on Vinyl Walls of Pool

    I had what sounds similar, it was off white in color, thin layer. very hard if not impossible to remove. What color is yours? I dont have any idea for product though, wish i did. Good luck.