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  1. Brentr

    Need advice for pool light

    Hey Bob congrats on your new pool build. Ask your pool builder if you purchased one on your own if he would install it and remove the cost of the light. This is what we did and saved some money. Just a thought :cheers:
  2. Brentr

    Solar panels

    Hi Mike welcome to TFP;). It is OK to bypass the panels in the summer provided you have a release vacuum valve which would allow the panels to drain. Hope this helps :)
  3. Brentr

    Solar bubble cover

    Hi Jean, we put on our bubble cover when the day temps start dipping down into the mid 70's. I use solar heat and then use heat pump to boost it to 90 degrees. The bubble cover must be kept on especially at night so that you do not loose the heat you gained during the day. I also just roll back...
  4. Brentr

    iPad or Laptop

    Why not get both? Look at Craigslist and your local pawn shops. Just a thought.
  5. Brentr

    Snap-on Color Lens Cover

    Totally understand. BTW you have a very large pool :cheers:
  6. Brentr

    Snap-on Color Lens Cover

    Marty, these covers do work however if you want a different color you have to take off the existing cover and replace it with a different color. Our pool came with one however I replaced the light with a pentair intellibrite and controller which I mounted in the Flamingo lounge( found a great...
  7. Brentr

    Best Pool Heat Pump for South Florida?

    I bought a Heat Siphon 8-9 years ago and DIY installed. We only use it to extend our swimming season and it works great. Hope this helps:cheers:
  8. Brentr

    Pool toys basket ball

    DW bought something like this for the Grand kids and they seem to love it. Is is 3 years old and does not have the net. Hope this helps :cheers:
  9. Brentr

    Hayward Aqua Rite chlorine generator

    Bruzerjim I am going to take a long shot but can you post a full set of pool chem results? Perhaps your chemistry is off or maybe you have algae that you are fighting and maybe indeed your SWG is working but not enough to kill the algae. Hope this helps:cheers:
  10. Brentr

    Outdoor Speaker Questions

    Installed a pair of insigna (Best Buy) rock speakers. Got them from the wife as an anniversary present. They were on sale for $65 for Father's Day 2011. I put them in the corners of the pool screen. I control them with volume controls. The Flamingo Room has a pair of Bose 151 SE. I was quit...
  11. Brentr

    solar panel heater and polaris 380 - when to turn on after new plaster

    We were told 30 days to allow the plaster to cure by out PB. :cheers:
  12. Brentr

    Anyone know how to patch flagstone?

    Randy I would not do anything but seal the flagstone. Honestly your pool looks great and most of us here would be feel honored to show off such a pool. Just my 2 cents worth:cheers:
  13. Brentr

    Pool and Spa Thermometer with wireless Temperature Sensor

    You might be interested in this. I got an accurite weather station last year and they have a wireless pool sensor so I can get temps on my phone
  14. Brentr

    Light control and syncing - new pool

    Hi and Welcome to TFP :wave: I think we need more info on your pool equipment. You can put your pool specs and equipment in the sig bar. Hopefully someone who has your same equipment will chime in.
  15. Brentr

    Cracks in the decking... are they normal—as in to be expected???

    Our pb steered us away from concrete because he said that it will crack, it would be just a matter of time so we went with pavers. Sorry I know that you probably did not want to hear that:(
  16. Brentr

    Basic Pool Automation & Monitoring Questions

    I also use this for the last year and it seems to work fine for me:cheers:
  17. Brentr

    Automatic Irrigation controller suggestions?

    I am using Rachio Gen 2. I am using 7 zones and it has the capability to control 16 zones.
  18. Brentr

    Small heat pump instead of solar cover???

    Agree on the sub panel. You can purchase all the materials from HD or Lowes and then look for an electrician to do the install. The most expensive item is the wire depending on size and length. For 100amp 3-3-3-5 copper, for 60amp 6-6-6-10 copper ( double check on this). Sub panels are cheap $30...
  19. Brentr

    Small heat pump instead of solar cover???

    Tim a heat pump is always a nice addition to any pool. You stated that you don't like using a solar cover however it would be one of the best investments to help keep heat in your pool. If money is no object:D I would suggest getting the largest heat pump available as you would be able to heat...
  20. Brentr


    Welcome to TFP:wave: Hold on there I will give you a quick bump so that we can get more eyes on this:cheers:
  21. Brentr

    Solar Pool Heater - cons?

    IMHO There really is no cons for solar heater install. Just make sure it faces the right orientation. It was a no brainier for us as we love a warm pool and the installer had a great warranty. Look at the sig bar for our solar build:cheers: Hope this helps:cheers:
  22. Brentr

    Crack Repair

    I have a vertical crack on my tile which is above the pool line. Which one of the sika products will work for this? Thanks
  23. Brentr

    Crack Repair

    I have a vertical crack on my tile which is above the pool line. Which one of the sika products will work for this? Thanks
  24. Brentr

    Crack Repair

    Where can I purchase Sika caulk?
  25. Brentr

    Intellibrite controller wiring...please help!!

    Yeah happy for you [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  26. Brentr

    Intellibrite controller wiring...please help!!

    Let us know if you get the light working:cheers:
  27. Brentr

    Intellibrite controller wiring...please help!!

    Yes that should work. You will note that the wire coming out of the controller is also stranded :cheers:
  28. Brentr

    Intellibrite controller wiring...please help!!

    Home depot/ Lowes or any hardware store 14ga would be ok. Hope this helps:cheers:
  29. Brentr

    Pentair Intellibrite light Controller

    I am posting a pic of the wiring behind my intellibrite controller in the hopes to help others.
  30. Brentr

    Intellibrite controller wiring...please help!!

    Just to confirm Brian and Jim, black to black, white to white and red to red. It appears that you don't have a neutral. Here is the back of my controller. I will add it to my post also.