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  1. pookiesunshine

    SWCG not SWG

    At least the forum is titled correctly. Why not change use of the acronym to be more descriptive? Try to use SWCG instead of SWG when discussing it. In an undocumented survey of pool owners, over half (36.5%) did not realize that a salt water pool was based on chlorine sanitation. They thought...
  2. pookiesunshine

    SWG water killing grass

    a quote from ajw's link "Salt water resistant sealing stones are the best choice of sealant for a salt water pool since they are designed to provide effective and long-lasting protection for salt water pools." I think "sealing stones" is supposed to be sealing silanes, but that is also awkward...
  3. pookiesunshine

    Does anyone have a non/low chlorine based pool sanatiser i.e. Ioniser, ozone etc.

    long time user of baquacil glad to have switched to chlorine.
  4. pookiesunshine

    Reverting back to chlorine

    why are you going to Leslie's?
  5. pookiesunshine

    No chlorine!!! New chlorinator installed

    Dirtboy, as a quick check on whether or not you are getting any fc into the pool, try collecting a sample straight from the nearest return jet. not going to solve your problem but might ease your mind on whether your swg is working.