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  1. Brentr

    Happy Pool Year To Everyone!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope to have you around here in the new year :cheers:
  2. Brentr

    Muriatic acid source

    Home Depot in the Garden/ Plant section :cheers:
  3. Brentr

    New home owner in Altamonte Springs FL

    Another Florida pool in the house. Welcome Kyle. All good info from Jim. You can purchase a TF-100 and a speed stirrer for here Ask as many questions and we will be happy to answer them :cheers:
  4. Brentr

    Please comment on this equipment list

    Yep that sounds about right :cheers: Get a bigger filter and a larger SWG. Post pics of your build, we love pics:D
  5. Brentr

    Where do you read your test results?

    In the Flamingo Lounge ( Outside screen room):cheers:
  6. Brentr

    Rain....lots of rain. Now what?

    I try not to drain too much as we loose a lot of water due to evaporation. Hope this helps:cheers:
  7. Brentr

    It's over! I did it!! I WON!!!

    Check on that I am very happy for you. Now if only I could win Florida Lotto this weekend:o
  8. Brentr

    It's over! I did it!! I WON!!!

    Hooray for you. I would cash that check ASAP, nothing like a bit of extra money:cheers:
  9. Brentr

    I just got TFP'd :))

    Wow that is great:cheers:
  10. Brentr

    Broken glass in pool

    Second on this:DI am sure dw has stock in Tervis tumblers:(
  11. Brentr

    need help with pump setting

    Welcome to TFP:wave: I do not have a VS pump but most of the folks here run their pump at the least setting possible. I see that you do not have SWG so I would recommend testing till you just about get skimmer action, this is usually @ 800-900 rpm and then set it 100-200 rpm higher. Hopefully...
  12. Brentr

    Wife sent me this yesterday

    I would say that is a lot better. Getting there:cheers:
  13. Brentr

    Wife sent me this yesterday

    Yep same storm we are getting stay safe:cheers:
  14. Brentr

    Wife sent me this yesterday

    Wow that is a beautiful greeeeeeeen:cheers: SLAM, SLAM, SLAM and you will be back up and running in no time:cheers:
  15. Brentr

    New Pool Trouble

    Hi I see that your plaster has mini pebbles so your pool should feel like fine to medium sandpaper. Our pool has larger pebbles in it so it feels like coarse sandpaper however it does not seem to bother our grand kids. Hopefully others who have mini pebbles will chime in:cheers:
  16. Brentr

    New Pool Trouble

    Welcome to TFP:wave: Your pool looks great and I am confused as to how rough is your pool. We have pebbles in our pool plaster and there is some texture to it but I would not refer to it as being rough. Hopefully others will chime in:cheers: I see that you have a SWG, when did they add the salt...
  17. Brentr

    NE FL, Signing Contract Mon, So many questions...

    I really think you should try to negotiate for a cheaper price.. there really is not much extra but some pvc and connectors. It should not be that much for the plumber to add some extra returns. [emoji15]
  18. Brentr

    Getting ready for new pool

    Welcome to TFP, very exciting getting a new pool and very overwhelming at first in taking care of it. Follow Texas instructions and we will help you get thru this. I wish I found this site when I had our first pool. Congrats:cheers:
  19. Brentr

    NE FL, Signing Contract Mon, So many questions...

    htrs, welcome to TFP:wave: Let me comment on a the double door. We originally had a single door and a few months later I had to change it to a double door because we bought a summer kitchen and it could not fit. The wife urged me to originally put in a double door but I wanted to save a few...
  20. Brentr

    New to pools

    Welcome to TFP where we will teach you how to take care of your pool and keep more money in your wallet. Like Texas Splash says above, read those links at least a few times. Lurk as much as you want on TFP and ask questions. We are happy to help:cheers:
  21. Brentr

    What measuring device do you all use?

    OP I use a hard plastic 2 cup measuring cup. I use gloves when pouring the MA into the measuring cup and I pour carefully over the side of the pool as you do not want to get any on the coping. If you get some on the coping immediately wash off with pool water as it will eat into the coping. I...
  22. Brentr

    Thank you tfp!

    Wow that is a great looking pool:Dand so clear:o welcome to TFP :cheers:
  23. Brentr

    All kinds of issues!

    Welcome to TFP where you will get lots of great info and advice from present pool owners and experts. Nice back yard space. You can contribute to TFP for a small donation to get more space CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!
  24. Brentr

    I goofed up with new plaster. Options?

    Can you post some pics? Our PB intentionally did not acid wash aggressively so our pool looked mottled for a few years..... Our pool looked mottled however with time it all filled in and looks uniform today. Keep in mind that everytime you acid wash you remove a few mm of plaster. Brushing will...
  25. Brentr

    SWG is getting bad should I get one that is bigger capacity or smaller(40 vs 25)

    I would go for the T-15 turbo cell. Bigger is better. You would run it at a lesser % which in turn would result in longevity of cell.
  26. Brentr

    Do I need refill on test kit?

    Just make sure you store them in a cool place. I have mine in zip lock bags and dated on the cover of each vial:cheers:
  27. Brentr

    Do I need refill on test kit?

    It is always nice to have extras and now is the time to stock up as there is a sale till March 31st :cheers:
  28. Brentr

    Test kit refills

    Got my new set of reagents in today. Thanks to Rebecca [emoji482]
  29. Brentr

    Test kit refills

    Irlizard as I recall your chemicals are usually good for a couple of years provided you store them in a cool place. I keep my chemicals in a cool place in the house. All my chemicals are dated and the new ones that I don’t use I place in a zip lock bag for storage. Hopefully other experts will...
  30. Brentr

    Test kit refills

    Yeah, just ordered my TF-100 refill and I used my GC and got $30 off plus the 20% discount:party::whoot::cheers: