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  1. Brentr

    How often do you test your pool water? (poll)

    Thanks to TFP I just test once a week. I do a full battery of tests about every 2 months and after heavy rains and the pool is overflowing. When I was new to pools I tested daily till I got to know about chemicals and how my pool responded. Every pool is different as to bather load, weather and...
  2. Brentr

    Muriatic acid and swimming?

    Hi SuperJ welcome to TFP:wave: Lots of good stuff and great folks here. It is a little overwhelming but we are here to hold your hands:cheers:
  3. Brentr

    Silly Speedstir question

    Wow all great suggestions guys. I will take note but honestly once you get the hang of it you will find that it will take you less than 10 mins to perform full testing:cheers:
  4. Brentr

    Thoughts on Pool Time Stabilizer from Home Depot

    I am with Cliff. I use the stuff from Walmart:cheers:
  5. Brentr

    How often do you adjust your SWG?

    This is what I also do too. Hummmm:cheers:
  6. Brentr

    New plaster and high CH

    Your pool is still curing and your csi is within range. I would just continue to monitor. When my ch got really high I put rainwater into my pool by diverting one of my downspouts into the pool. Some people like in Arizona and other parts of the country have very ch but closely monitor there...
  7. Brentr

    New plaster and high CH

    Welcome to TFP:wave: I would expect your pool to cure for about 6 months. After that the only way to get higher ch would be from fill water. Have you filled your pool lately, have you tested your fill water? Hope this helps others will chime in soon?
  8. Brentr

    Speed Stir

    Glad you got youself a speed stirrer. It will make your testing a breeeeeeze :cheers:
  9. Brentr

    Need some help with salt + level

    So I have to retract my earlier statement on "I have the K-1766 kit and have never been able to get anywhere close reading to match up to the SWG" You got my attention so I decided to test using the K-1766 and here are the results: SWG - 3600 Temp - 75 All other parameters are within limits...
  10. Brentr

    Need some help with salt + level

    Like zea3 says. Check your t-15 cell first to see if there is any buildup on the plates and clean if needed. I would add some salt and check the readings on the SWG to see if it came up. I have the K-1766 kit and have never been able to get anywhere close reading to match up to the SWG so I...
  11. Brentr

    To Drain, or Not to Drain?

    OP I rigged up a down spout extensions to a nearby down spout from the house and was able to lower my CH fairly quickly. Search Results for downspout extension at The Home Depot Hope this helps:cheers
  12. Brentr

    My water is more on the greener side

    Your FC is too low. I like to keep mine on the high side like 10. What is your CC? If it is greater than 0.25 I would SLAM as you are starting to get algae. I am not an expert but hopefully others will chime in. Also it would make it easier if you can post your results like this. FC - CC - TC -...
  13. Brentr

    My water is more on the greener side

    Hi Todd are you sure CH is 3.5:confused: Then that's a problem.
  14. Brentr

    My water is more on the greener side

    Hi like cfherrman says, please post test results and kit that you are using to get results. We can't help you unless we see some of your water tests :cheers:
  15. Brentr

    High Calcium Hardness

    Hi JarCar, I am new to this thread, not sure if this will work, but I have a suggestion which Richard suggested to me a few years ago and it worked for me when I was experiencing high calcium. He suggested filling up my pool with rainwater. I have gutters on my house so I directed one of the...
  16. Brentr

    Do you buy a new test kit every two years, or just replace the bottles as needed?

    Hey Clyde, I always tried to stretch my chemicals in the past however I will not be doing that anymore. Just recently I was testing using old chemicals and I decided to compare those results with a fresh batch of chemicals and I saw a very dramatic difference between tests. Unfortunately I had...
  17. Brentr

    Pool Party with a TFP

    Really[emoji15]what do I have to do to get an invite for next years big shindig:cheers:
  18. Brentr

    Pool Party with a TFP

    Now that's my kind of party[emoji3]
  19. Brentr

    Pool Party with a TFP

    Assuming that all 60 guests were adults over the drinking age[emoji44]
  20. Brentr

    Pool Party with a TFP

    60 people[emoji15]I don't think I can fit 60 people in my pool. The most I have had is 25 people at one time:cheers:
  21. Brentr

    Pool Party with a TFP

    300 beers[emoji15]must have been a lot of thirsty people[emoji2]
  22. Brentr

    CH concentration level between top and bottom of pool

    Thanks Jason, my idea is to remove as much concentrated water as possible so that I can reduce my CH levels quicker.
  23. Brentr

    CH concentration level between top and bottom of pool

    So I have been fighting high CH levels for about 2 years and I have finally followed Richard320 idea of directing a downspout to add rain water to the pool. The downspout goes into the skimmer basket. When the pool get full I drain the pool from the main drain only. So I am wondering if there...
  24. Brentr

    CH a mile high at 520- causes and effect?

    Good idea, my CH is also very high at 575, however I keep tabs on my PH and TA. We have had lots of rain lately and I drain the pool using the main drain only after the pool fills up, hopefully to reduce the CH concentration. :cheers:
  25. Brentr

    Having pool party.....questions!!

    Just bump the chlorine up. Last weekend we had a party of about 48 people and We had 25+ people in our pool all at one time, kids and adults. Our party lasted 10 hours. The next day the pool was a bit cloudy however my chlorine level was a bit low. Ran the filter and in a couple of hours the...
  26. Brentr

    buying R-0871 regagent

    I second that :party: :whoot: :cheers: :cheers:
  27. Brentr

    Calcium Hardness Increase and the Pool Calculator

    Carlos, it appears that we have very hard water in Jacksonville. After 2 partial drains 2 mths ago I went from 775 to 400 however it is back up to 475. If I were you I would let it rise slowly because you will get out of range soon.
  28. Brentr

    Ph suddenly stabilizes

    I noticed the same thing too, but I thought it was because of the very cold temps we have had in the last month.
  29. Brentr

    Taz vs. Pool Store Test

    What is the price? I get mine at HD or Lowes.
  30. Brentr

    Taz vs. Pool Store Test

    Hey Taz, I would not trust readings from a pool store now that I have the TF-100. I too saw a huge difference in readings. I remember everytime I went to the pool store I ended up spending $100. Now I save that money every month and use that extra money to buy adult beverages :cheers: :cheers: