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  1. Brentr

    Pentair Salt Chlorinator Without Power

    Be careful with the acid. Acid washing will decrease the life of the plates. Inspect the plates first and if you see signs of build up then proceed with acid washing. Just my thoughts :cheers:
  2. Brentr

    Running maximum salt level

    Thanks ? how simple was that. Now I just have to get used to using my phone sideways :cheers:
  3. Brentr

    Running maximum salt level

    Thanks AJ I can’t see what swg poolgates has as I am posting on iPhone and I can’t see signatures. ?
  4. Brentr

    SWG says "insufficient water flow"

    You can try unplugging the sensor form the board and replugging it back in. Sometimes there is a bit of corrosion in the connector.
  5. Brentr

    Running maximum salt level

    I remember seeing somewhere here that running max salt level will shorten the lifespan of the salt cell. Not sure but hopefully others will chime in. Hope this helps :cheers:
  6. Brentr

    Erratic readings from Aqua Rite SWG

    Check on that James.
  7. Brentr

    Erratic readings from Aqua Rite SWG

    Mick I just replaced my board which was 9 years old. So far everything seem ok. My cell is about 2.5 years old. You might want to consider changing the board. I got the new board from amazon. It is a lot cheaper that replacing your cell which may be good still. Hope this helps.
  8. Brentr

    Erratic readings from Aqua Rite SWG

    Mick my swg was acting up much like yours 10 days ago. I recalibrated a few times and now it is working again so possible recalibration again may fix your issue. James may have some other suggestions.
  9. Brentr

    Erratic readings from Aqua Rite SWG

    Do you know what your salt readings was before you got erratic readings? Can you test for salt if not take a water sample to a local pool store and get them to test for salt.
  10. Brentr

    Erratic readings from Aqua Rite SWG

    If that does not work you may want to recalibrate. How to Recalibrate? Move the switch to the Auto position. If the switch is already in the Auto or Super Chlorinate position, move it to Off then back to Auto. Wait for the relay to click (listen carefully, you will hear it), then push the...
  11. Brentr

    Looking for experts Aquarite SWG

    Thanks James. I also wanted to add this. I attempted at first to connect the new thermister to the old legs using wire connectors however I got PCB on the display so then I broke down and took out the old legs/ prongs and resoldered in the new thermister. Here is a pic This is pics of the...
  12. Brentr

    Looking for experts Aquarite SWG

    Hi Guys I found out that my readings were changed to celsius. There is a guide my inypools How to Change the Units of Measurement on an Aqua Rite SCG - After doing this my readings are fine and the SWG inspect light and check cell light is off.
  13. Brentr

    Looking for experts Aquarite SWG

    Hi Guys, I replaced my thermister as it was cracked and the on green light was not working and the swg generating green light was not on. I the thermister was cracked so I soldered a new one. The Salt prior reading was 2900. The on light now comes on and it swg generate light comes on after the...
  14. Brentr

    Aquatrol not producing chlorine

    Welcome to TFP :wave: Hold on there Jo-Any, I am not familiar with the Aquatrol so lets bump this and hopefully some others will chime in soon :cheers:
  15. Brentr

    New to pools. A few questions I can find on recent threads

    I have been using Morton's from Walmart for years and have no trouble with it. Hope this helps:cheers:
  16. Brentr

    aquarite swg issues

    Hi Lloyd welcome to TFP:wave: I will bump this so we can get some more eyes on this.
  17. Brentr

    Cheapest place for a Hayward SWG cell

    Second this :cheers: right now amazon has the original t-15 for $427.39 and is comes from Hayward.
  18. Brentr

    Is this the correct salt?

    I use Morton Pool salt from Walmart and have no problems Morton Salt Pool Salt, 40 Lb Bag -
  19. Brentr

    Oversizing SWCG - How much is Too much

    Re: Oversizing SWCG - How much is Too much I replaced with a t-15 because it came with one and I prefer to stay with original parts. That being said as I understand the cell is good for 10,000 hrs and by my calculatuions I got that amount. The equipment experts can also comment here:cheers:
  20. Brentr

    Love your opinions!!!!!

    Hi Chris looks like we have similar pools. We have a hayward Aqua Rite SWG with the T-15 cell. Our PB gave it to us for free so we do not have any other experience. I can tell you that the wife loves it and the only thing I have done is replace the cell last year so we got 7 years 2 months out...
  21. Brentr

    Does an SWG make sense for me?

    Hi congrats on you new pool. I am not sure what kind of SWG you have but most have a setting from 0-100% chlorine output. I run my pump for 3 hrs a day and have my SWG set at 75%. My pool is about twice the size of yours. I would experiment and set your SWG at 50% and test daily to see if you...
  22. Brentr

    AquaRite T15 salt cell replacement

    I considered a generic brand however I purchased a new Hayward t-15 cell from Pool Supply World last year. I got 7 years out of my original cell so I figured I should go back with the OEM :cheers:
  23. Brentr

    AquaCheck salt strips VS K-1766 drop test

    I came across this on how to recalibrate AquaRite SWG How To: Recalibrate the Salt Level on a Hayward Aqua Rite - YouTube
  24. Brentr

    AquaCheck salt strips VS K-1766 drop test

    I was trying to recalibrate my Aquarite SWG so I wanted to get an exact reading. I have reason to believe that it was never calibrated however I thought the cell was not producing chlorine. Here are the results AquaCheck strip test says 3270ppm (put in 1 inch of water) Tested it twice K-1766...
  25. Brentr

    Should I really get oversized cell? v. Hayward

    Bigcarbs, we have a t-15 and our pool is about 6K. No problem here just adjust the settings and find the sweet spot.:D
  26. Brentr

    SWG Survey

    - Aquarite t-15 - @6,000 gals pool size - set at 10% - runs when solar energized probably 6 hrs in the cooler months and 1-2hrs in the hot months we usually turn it to 50-60% when we are expecting a heavy bather load. I keep a very high FC usually 10.
  27. Brentr

    Goldline Auqu Rite system Version number

    I wonder what is the difference between 1.40 and 1.55????? I have 1.40 and it came with a t15 cell. It was installed about 2.5 years ago.
  28. Brentr

    What size Aqua Rite Cell should I get?

    I understand that if you want to get the most life out of a cell you would have to get the biggest one. I suggest going back with a T-15. You will get less life with a T-3 or T-9. If you go with a smaller one you would have to use it at a higher setting thus decreasing the life of the cell. I...
  29. Brentr

    What size Aqua Rite Cell should I get?

    I am not an expert but I think that oversize is better. I have a t-15 and our pool is @6k gals. I set the cell at 10-20 percent most of the time. :cheers: :cheers:
  30. Brentr

    Ventilation of Aqua Rite Housing

    Can you post a pic? Sounds very interesting. I wonder if you can use a point and shoot thermometer to see what the temp difference would be?