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  1. pookiesunshine

    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Mine improved over time after replacing climbing rings; how long has it been since you replaced them? Did you check the styrofoam pieces to be sure intact?
  2. pookiesunshine

    Dolphin Supreme M Series Owner’s Club

    Update on replacing climbing rings and note regarding disassembly from posts 27 and 28 from this thread: My modus operandi is to take an easy task and make it difficult. So when i tried to remove the end...
  3. pookiesunshine

    Dolphin Supreme M Series Owner’s Club

    Patrick, I look forward to your new refurb thread. I just realized i have had my m500 since july 2015! i had been thinking 2 maybe 3 years, haha. my vinyl liner is a little easier on the machine but i just ordered some replacement climbing rings as my robot is no longer climbing the vertical...
  4. pookiesunshine

    UWF Problem

    if you cant find something that will work, you can use the tool you referenced. it will work without the nubs, as it was designed to get around them. unless of course, the whole piece that had the nubs broke out, that is the slots at the back of that piece are no longer there. sorry if i missed...
  5. pookiesunshine

    Pool Blaster Max

    woody, i didnt see the glass until i read your note. ha. unfortunately for me, my clock is on the wall.....
  6. pookiesunshine

    Pool Blaster Max

    woody, i didnt realize the margarita machine was part of the pool equipment. dont forget the 5o'clock clock. lol
  7. pookiesunshine

    Solar Breeze NX Time Lapse Video

    That's cool. what is expected solar cell/battery life? everything i get that is solar craps out quickly, although they are cheap stuff.
  8. pookiesunshine

    Dolphin S300i vs Dolphin M5/500 Pro

    Have you tried turning down the flow from the main drain when running the robot? I had to do that for a robot i had before the m5.
  9. pookiesunshine

    What is this mystery part?

    I think it is a weight that actually goes on the hose that connects to the suction vacuum device itself, not at the skimmer. other end. I had a barracuda at one time and that's where mine went.
  10. pookiesunshine

    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Good info, Patrick, Thanks!
  11. pookiesunshine

    Zodiac Baracuda G2 stuck (aka, too much suction?) (aka, how to reduce suction?)

    Several things, but the main one is that everything worked until recently. So what happened recently? your uncle messed with something. did the cleaner start having problems right after that? If so, ask him again to see if he can remember. walk him through what he did. When did you notice the...