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  1. blakeusa

    Info on vintage Stainless Mitra Pac Fab Stainless Filter

    Can someone tell me which port - lower or upper is the suction and return on this filter. We are building a portable pump/ vac system using this filter. Thanks in advance.
  2. blakeusa

    Help finding Pentair Valve Actuator (longer screws)

    I need to find some of the longer screws for attaching the actuator to the three way valve body *Pentair valves. Have plenty of the shorter screws but none of the longer ones... Have not tried regular sheet metal screws or machine screws. The screws, set of 4 is being sold for $28 on Amazon...
  3. blakeusa

    Easytouch Solar or any connection that will enable/ disable 120v feed?

    Looking to connect a 120v pump to my Easy Touch that can be controlled On/Off depending on pool or spa temp. Any ideas or recommendations? It will be turning on a taco circulation pump getting heat from a heat exchanger. Thanks
  4. blakeusa

    Sta Rite Dura Glass II Pump wont prime

    I was going to replace the seals tomorrow but was wondering if anybody had feedback on why these pumps fail or don't prime. Is there a common problem people find? Thanks in advance.
  5. blakeusa

    Winter Cover Storage & Mice

    What are the best ways to store a GLI winter mesh cover for the summer. And do mice like or eat these ? Thanks
  6. blakeusa

    How to plug/ pressure test open top Jandy Valve

    Is there an easy way (like that is an actual real thing... easy) to plug ONE port of a Jandy 3 way valve that is open or the top is off. I want to make sure that I am only testing the pipe and not the valve seal. Actually they are Pentair 3 Way valves - and the openings inside are oval and do...
  7. blakeusa

    Main drain leak

    Working on a main drain leak. In-ground gunite 10 year old very solid structure and plaster is good with no cracks. Losing about 2 inches a day. Replaced Hydro Valve after no visible dye test. No change. Pressure test - isolated drain line and it's leaking. Right now I do not have Ultrasonic...
  8. blakeusa

    Hydrostatic Drain Plug Removal

    Any tips on removing a Hayward Hydrostatic Drain Plug in a gunite pool. Have the Hayward tool its just slips off and is on apparently really tight. Thanks,
  9. blakeusa

    What to use to reinstall tiles under waterline.

    I have a couple of tiles that fell off last winter. What is a good adhesive to use - that's not expensive.
  10. blakeusa

    Install Screenlogic Indoor Receiver & Protocol Adapter

    Where is the best place to install these devices. In my pool house where my control panel is? In my house close to the router? Thanks in advance.
  11. blakeusa

    Portable DE Filter & Pump for vacuum and spring clean up?

    Someone gave me a smaller DE filter and pump and wanted to get feedback on using it just to vac out for spring clean up. It runs on 110 and I could just plug it in --- if it would work? Advice would be appreciated. Just thought it may help clean up without having to remove and clean my...
  12. blakeusa

    Sealing Concrete Pavers - Recommendations

    I am finally getting around to sealing my concrete pavers. They are grey and just want to protect from break down, and stains. I know Dupont makes Stonetech but not sure how it works. Also old school concrete masons use boiled linseed oil as a penetrating sealer. Any recommendations...
  13. blakeusa

    Spa Blower Motor Replacement or just buy the whole unit.

    My spa blower Air Supply 1.5hp 120v has lost significant pressure and no longer produces spa bubbles... Think the motor is cooked. Took it off the pipe and it barely blows.. just low pressure. Anyway I can get a whole new one for $133 or just the motor for $80. Anyone replace motors on...
  14. blakeusa

    New towel recommendations.

    Ok i must have 20 or more pool towels some new some older. Thinking of getting rid of all of them and buying 10-15 new matching ones. Anybody find nice towels that wont break the bank-- and hold up to chlorine and washing. Recommendations or ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  15. blakeusa

    Finally buying into Solar Reel

    Finally going to get a solar reel and keep my pool covered more this summer. Have used solar covers on and off, but never used much due to the hassle of installing and removing by myself. I tried cutting into pieces and am just getting to old or lazy to install and remove it. Just did not...
  16. blakeusa

    Cyclone Blower vs Shop Vac for closing

    I have been closing my pool and a friends for 5 years or so with no problems. Have been using a shop vac and compressor to blow out lines. I also remove all the equipment from the outside as in CT the winters are harsh. Need to buy a new shop vac but was also considering buying an Air...
  17. blakeusa

    Pentair Intellivalve (new) VS older style Actuator

    Any feedback on the Intellivalve vs the older style actuator valves. I was considering adding a couple of auto valves. B
  18. blakeusa

    Google Chromecast Audio - so far so great.

    I just installed a Google Chromecast dongle (Internet port) for my pool stereo. For $35 its working awesome. Can control music via my phone or laptop - stations, media on Google Music (Pandora, Spotify, etc), volume, on-off It is connected via a RCA cable to my 70's vintage yet very high...
  19. blakeusa

    Outdoor pool house mount speakers - recommendations.

    Looking for recommendations on some reasonably priced outdoor speakers. Like the 7 x 10 size that can be mounted on the eves of a pool house. Was looking at these Yamaha ones. Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers - Black (Pair): Home Audio Theater I have...
  20. blakeusa

    Easytouch not setting pump speed on VS pump

    I am going to double check again today - but when I opened my pool yesterday it seemed like the ET control panel - under Pool Pump Settings (where you can set the pump speed) was not resetting the pump speed. Its a Sta-Rite (SRVS) pump, same as Pentair (SRVS). Manually with the ET low voltage...
  21. blakeusa

    Pool Vac Hose Extension?

    I have an I-Helix (nice quality) pool vac hose that is 35 feet. After using it a bit I could use another 10 feet. Is there a way to splice another 10 feet on it or should I just suck it up and buy a new one. Thanks
  22. blakeusa

    Cleaning Sticky Pollen off Cartridge Filter

    I have trees in my yard (and my pool is basically in the middle of a forest). Each spring I get a sticky sap like coating in my pool and filter. Automatic dish detergent just does not cut it, TSP does OK, yet today I tried Simple Green. It seemed ok, but I know there must be something better...
  23. blakeusa

    Help Pentair MAX E therm- LOCKOUT FIX

    i cleaned a mouse house out of a heater today - and can't remember or find out how to RESET the system or board. Getting a Lock Out Code on Fennel LED's Turned breakers on and off - but I remember jumping something… ' Client is having party in 1 hour - Any Help? thanks
  24. blakeusa

    Local Source for Spa Light Bulb - t4 250W - 12v

    Would lowes or someplace have a bulb that would work for my spa. Light is out and having people over tonight.... THanks
  25. blakeusa

    Cant get suction then when I do it fails

    I have a ) - Mystery to me ) pump / suction problem. I can not get a suction to stay on a water fall only line. This is a single suction line from one skimmer about 50 feet to a a 3/4 hp Dura Glass pump that returns to a waterfall and slide. When I opened the pool all worked fine. Then it...
  26. blakeusa

    Sta Rite Dyna Glass Pump wont prime.

    I have a Sta rite Dyna Glass pump that only runs a water fall. It feeds from a skimmer, When I opened the pool it worked fine, but now I can not get it to prime or suck up any water, I do not believe I have any suction side leak. What parts of this pump fail. I was just going to put new...
  27. blakeusa

    Sta Rite Max E Them - getting Hi Limit Switch LED error & no start

    Are these switches prone to fail. ?? I am getting the Hi Limit LED on the panel and the heater does not start. No fan, no nothing other than the Service Heater light. I took the heater apart and cleaned it all out really good - as last year we had a mouse in that made a mess. It was removed...
  28. blakeusa

    Hayward 2" union - is there a correct way for flow

    Is there an optimal way (direction of the threaded coupling) on a Hayward style Union. ie. should the threaded [ or larger side go with the direction of the water.
  29. blakeusa

    Opened my pool in CT today. All is good

    I opened my pool today and all went good- no leaks, no air and moderate leaf junk. Water is 52%, but it was frozen just a couple of weeks ago. I actually fell in for the first time testing how thick the ice was - a first for me. I try to open early (normally April 1st) as we start using...
  30. blakeusa

    Air Supply Blower 220 to 120V

    Can anyone tell me if you or how to rewire a Air Supply Silencer Blower from 220V to 120V Called their tech support but may have missed them for the evening.