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  1. jnojr

    Aquanaut stopping more and more frequently

    For most of two years, my Aquanaut has happily wandered around the pool, sucking up leaves and debris. Once or twice I had to open it up to remove a pebble or twig. Recently, though, it seems like every time I look at it, it's sitting still. Sometimes raising it up off of the pool floor and...
  2. jnojr

    Pool pump (not running pump, but draining pump)?

    Any recommendations for a pump to drain a pool? Harbor Freight has some, but... it's Harbor Freight.
  3. jnojr

    Spa, heater, automation, and schedule

    Part of my pool schedule is to run the spa for 20 minutes to circulate the water daily. I used to have the heat turned on in the automation system. At some point, I turned it off, because why waste the gas when I'm not using it? But pressing the Spa button still made the heat come on...
  4. jnojr

    Pump not priming

    I noticed this AM my pump was shutting itself off. It wasn't priming. I cleaned out the skimmer & pump basket, then cleaned the lib and re-lubed the O-ring. For a while, it seemed to be trying to prime, but now I don't see any water being drawn in to the pump at all. The diverter on the...
  5. jnojr

    Differences between Dolphins?

    So, I found out about robot cleaners here, and am intrigued. I want to to do research, and have questions they seem to be unable/unwilling to help with. A bunch of people here gush about the S200. That's in the "Better" class on their site. So, when I go there, I see...
  6. jnojr

    How to keep this from happening?

  7. jnojr

    My app shows mostly zeros!

    Most (not all) of my test and addition history has become zeros in the app (but I can see the data here).
  8. jnojr

    How do I find the GFCI for my pool light?

    There is a GFCI outlet below my automation panel, but the only thing plugged in to it is the transformer for the low voltage yard lights.
  9. jnojr

    Best way to clean cartridge filters?

    I've seen some videos showing some particular solution, others talking about bleach, others acid... after rinsing off all of the goop, what's the best way to clean them?
  10. jnojr

    What is this light?

    I'm trying to buy snap-on filters for it. I was told "Oh, these are nearly universal, anything will work!" So I bought a set of Pentair filters on Amazon (most of the stuff in my pool is Pentair, so I figured the light would be too)... and they're TINY! No way they'd fit on this light. Is my...
  11. jnojr

    Pentair Minimax NT gives E02

    This heater is pretty old, possible 15 years. The igniter was replaced a few months ago. We used it for the spa a couple of nights ago and it worked fine. Yesterday, I used it to heat the pool. After running for maybe an hour, it stopped showing E02. I turned the heater off and on again...
  12. jnojr

    How to replace O-rings in Pentair Jandy valve

    I have a 263045 Pentair valve that I suspect may be the source of a leak. I cannot find any manual or instructions or video on how to get into it. I took off four top screws, but that shows the electronics. There are six sxrews holding the body to the pipe below, but two of those are blocked...
  13. jnojr

    Pump not priming

    Everything was working OK. I opened it to clean out the strainer basket, put it back together, and started it in cleaner mode the way I always do. Usually, it primes within 15 seconds or so, I can bleed air out of the filter, and be ready to go. Today, the pump just roars away, pouring water...
  14. jnojr

    CH in fill water high

    My pool is showing 425ppm for CH. My fil water is 250ppm. PoolMath says to replace 89% of my water. Considering I just filled the pool six months ago, I'm not sure how useful that would be. What can I do?
  15. jnojr

    Pentair IC40 installed in SE Phoenix?

    I am having the absolute worst luck finding someone to install a SWCG. I'm literally down to Leslie's... everyone else has terrible ratings, I can't ever get ahold of them, they say dumb things, or come out and say they'll send me a quote and then vanish. I refuse to chase someone to take my...
  16. jnojr

    Breeze SWG?

    Since I have all Pentair stuff, I called a Pentair authorized dealer for a quote for a salt system. He quoted me about $1700 for that, but was steering me towards "Breeze"... the 60K gallon for $1489 or the 40K for $1200ish. I love saving money, and I'm not married to Pentair. He said it...
  17. jnojr

    Pool mode question

    When I run in pool mode with the vacuum attached, the pump is pretty quiet and indicates about 35 GPM / 2000 RPM / 500 W If I remove the vacuum, the pump speeds up noticeably and sounds like it's in cleaning mode. Should I change my pool mode programming to assume no vacuum?
  18. jnojr

    pH/TA see-saw

    What do we mean by "Let your pH and TA find the equilibrium for your pool"? My pH keeps getting up to 7.8, and as I've added acid, the TA goes down. I just added baking soda to bring it back up, and I fully expect to have to add more acid later to bring the pH back down. Pretty much...
  19. jnojr

    Error, spa-side remote disabled

    I can press a button, re-enable the remote, and it'll be fine for days before the error returns. Anything I can do to fix short of replacing the remote?
  20. jnojr

    Spa water level drops when pump runs in thermal mode

    Yes, I know this sounds nuts. When the pump goes into thermal mode, and switches between pool and spa, the spa water level drops. If it's running normally, and I put it in spa mode, this doesn't happen (but nor does it seem to fill back up). I have to use spillway mode to get the water level...
  21. jnojr

    My first test results

    Just got my TF-100! I got and used the magnetic stirrer, too. This was my first go-around, so if anything looks really crazy, it's probably me :D FC = 1.5 CC = 1 pH = 7.5 CH=400 TA=100 CYA = <20 Temp = 50°F
  22. jnojr

    Pipes and plumbing questions

    Here is my plumbing: Questions: 1) Any idea what the missing piece with the broken valve might be? 2) I keep hearing paint it, don't paint it... should I? Or not? Or use a special paint, or ??? 3) When I go to empty the pump basket, a bunch of water gurgles away. I think I should close...
  23. jnojr

    pH vs. TA

    My last water sample said I have pH of 7.7 and TA of 60 The place that has been doing my testing (my TF-100 is coming some time Wednesday!) suggested to add a couple of pounds of baking soda, wait a while, then adjust pH. Somewhere else, i think I read to lower pH first, then increase TA Does...
  24. jnojr

    Temperature range of heater

    When we're using the spa, and it gets up to temp, there seems to be a really wide variation in temperature... the water seems to get significantly cooler, then the heater comes on and runs, and the water gets hotter and hotter, then the heater shuts off, and we do it all again. Is there...
  25. jnojr

    Some pool weirdness

    A couple of days ago, a hose bibb broke. My wife shut off the pool fill valve in an attempt to shut it off. Last night, we used the spa and noticed the water level was low. I remembered her saying she'd tried to turn off the water, found the valve, and opened it. We went to bed. This AM...
  26. jnojr

    Error code history / recreation

    A couple of days ago, I saw an error code on my indoor remote that said there was a problem with the spa-side control. Foolishly, I didn't write it down before fiddling with it. The spa remote had been disabled, and I re-enabled it. That code hasn't come back. Is there a history I can check...
  27. jnojr

    Is my ozone generator working?

    I had one guy, who turned out to be a flake, tell me it was working fine. Another said it was completely inoperable. There are no hoses for water, no lights, no controls... I have no idea if this thing is doing anything, or how to tell? The picture I took doesn't scale down, so here's a link...
  28. jnojr

    Low chlorine

    My pool was just recently drained and refilled. I have four tabs in my chlorinator, and the last test says 2.5 PPM. Also, very little stabilizer / cyanuric acid... yesterday was the first time a test showed above 0 ppm. The tabs I'm using now say stabilized, so I assume they're slowly adding...
  29. jnojr

    Waving hello from Chandler, AZ

    Hello, everyone! I'm a first-time pool owner, just moved in near Ocotillo & Gilbert in wonderful Chandler! I'm looking forward to learning a lot!
  30. jnojr

    Figuring out pool volume

    I have a pretty irregularly-shaped pool. Is there any cute trick or app that could maybe take a Google Earth picture to give a good guess?