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  1. Modawg2k

    Water squirting out of sand filter

    So this isn't probably good, right? There is a little stream of water squirting out of my Triton II sand filter when running on high speed. It's coming out of the fiberglass, not from the top? Does this call for a total replacement or is there a repair solution for this?
  2. Modawg2k

    Salt readings doubled

    It's been a year since I tested the salt levels in my pool, but last august they were 3800, which is right where I want it for my SWG. I've noticed that it's been flashing lately for high salt and I tested twice today and it came back at 8,000. What would cause that number to rise like that...
  3. Modawg2k

    How to remove slide valve

    I have a Pentair Triton II with a side mount slide valve. This thing is overdue for a cleaning since it gets stuck all the time. I unscrewed the nut but cannot pull out the shaft. I've released the pressure in the system but still stuck. Any tips?
  4. Modawg2k

    Increasing water temp strategy

    I would like to raise the water temperature of our pool a lot earlier this summer than what it normally does without any external effort. Tell me if I'm crazy: I plan to run the water through our rock water feature every day when we are in low speed so that more water is exposed to our air...
  5. Modawg2k

    Can I do this for a backwash

    I would like to water my grass when I backwash, as opposed to what I've been doing for years (the street). I have a 1-1/2" pipe coming out of my filter. Would I be able to get that pvc to attach to a garden hose and water the grass that way? Or is backwashing through a garden hose not the...
  6. Modawg2k

    Connecting backwash hose to pump

    Do I need any special adapter at the end of my 1.5" pipe coming from the pool filter to attach to a standard backwash hose with a clamp? Or is the clamp enough to keep the hose attached?
  7. Modawg2k

    Rubber Stopper for Weir Door Help!

    I tried in a previous post to get any insight but no luck. Here's a picture of the setup. I had to get a new rubber stopper for my weir door. I cannot for the life of me get the thing to fit into the little hole. Anyone with experience have any tips? I've tried pool lube but that did not work.
  8. Modawg2k

    Fla Weir Rubber Stopper Install

    I had to get a new rubber stopper for my weir door. I installed one a few years ago but cannot remember how I got this thing to fit. I've tried greasing it up with pool lube and pushing it into the hole but no luck. Any advice...
  9. Modawg2k

    backwash setup

    Do I need to add a 90 degree elbow to my backwash pipe before attaching my hose to the cut backwash pipe? Or can a hose run directly off that cut pipe and make it's own 90 degree turn without getting kinked up?
  10. Modawg2k

    Thoughts on long run times

    I know TFP's take on how long to run the pool..... basically you can run it for short amount of time as long as things are keeping clean. I had a pool guy over last week to repair something and he was saying to run the VS pump at low speed for practically 24/7 (minus peak electrical hours), and...
  11. Modawg2k

    Is condensation in there bad?

    This pool light has malfunctioned and will not sync with the other lights and produces odd colors. Is it supposed to be completely dry within the housing?
  12. Modawg2k

    When to turn on pump after refill

    I am currently refilling my pool. Can I turn my pump back on if I shut off the skimmer and leave only the main drain on for circulation?
  13. Modawg2k

    Bloated bleach

    This bleach bought 1 month ago has seen a little sun and now it’s all bloated. Do you think it’s still good?
  14. Modawg2k

    Rebuilding Backwash Setup.

    When my pool equipment was installed years ago the backwash was not design well. Long story short, all plumbing for my backwash have been cut up to the pump and I'm looking to find a way to make it both aesthetically pleasing and easy to function. My initial thoughts are to just plumb the pipe...
  15. Modawg2k

    Is this the correct salt?

    Is this the correct salt? I don't see any additives.
  16. Modawg2k

    Testing Salt Level

    I'm going to refill my pool and add salt per the app. How long after the salt is added will I get an accurate salt reading from my test kit? Once all the salt is visibly dissolved?
  17. Modawg2k

    Refill FC Goal

    I'm going to drain and refill my pool. This is not related to any algae issue and my FC has always been at normal levels. Do I just have to shoot for a FC goal within normal range, or should I be slamming to start?
  18. Modawg2k

    Partial Drain?

    I just replaced my Intellichlor with a new one. This old one failed after about 4 years, which is within their range of normal operation. It did have some life left it in, but I think the blades went thru one too many cleanings... but anyways. In Phoenix, I deal with high CH levels. Fill...
  19. Modawg2k

    How long can a pool stay dry

    I am thinking of draining my pool and refreshing it with new water. I have a repair that may be easier with water out of the pool. I have a pebble interior. If temps here in the desert are 80's..... how long can this pool stay dry before needed to be filled back up?
  20. Modawg2k

    Easy pour bleach?

    *Edit: apparently it's not recommended... disregard part** Is this bleach ok? It doesn't have any scents, looks like basic bleach. Wondering because of the 'easy pour' formula
  21. Modawg2k

    How to keep my pool manageable while being repaired

    As referenced here (Diverter Replacement Project) I have a 3 way valve that broke and I'm trying to repair it. From a water chemistry standpoint, is there anything I can be doing to help the pool stay as clean as possible while I get this fixed. I cannot run the pool pump unless I find some...
  22. Modawg2k

    Diverter Replacement Project

    So I cracked my diverter earlier today trying to repair my valve. Here's a pic of my diverter. I have a few questions 1. Am I able to buy any brand name's diverter as long as the measurements are the same? Or does it have to be the same brand? Any idea on the brand of this? Most of my...
  23. Modawg2k

    Does my valve need replacing?

    Hey, so when running my water feature, the Goldline valve leaks when I activate it. It does not leak when I have the valve deactivated. See attached video. Does this mean the entire valve is done for and I need to replace or should I be taking it apart to fix something inside it? pool valve...
  24. Modawg2k

    Is replacing a light a DIY project?

    I have one failed Savi led pool light. Can light replacement be a DIY for me, aka the typical home owner? Or is this best left to the professionals? I can usually do other DIY pool projects and I would of course be extremely careful w/ the electrical aspect of this
  25. Modawg2k

    Might be time to replace

    I don't think I'll be getting a new viewing glass. I have a good idea of how long the pump needs to run to backwash. It looks like I'm going to have to do some cutting further away and incorporate a new elbow.
  26. Modawg2k

    Intellichlor May Be Kaput

    My IC40 is about 4 years old. Says it has about 40% life left but the cell light now blinks green all the time while all other lights are working fine. How do I determine that this cell is indeed dead and I need a new one? Just go by the blinking light?
  27. Modawg2k

    When to retest TA

    I just dropped the appropriate amount of baking soda into my hot tub to raise my TA from 40 to 80. Is there any amount of time I need to wait to get a reliable number? It's a 425 gallon spa so water circulates pretty quickly.
  28. Modawg2k

    Should I put shade on my equipment?

    My pool equipment (pump, filter, salt generator, etc.) is in direct desert sun all day long, no shade whatsoever. Should I consider building an awning above it to give it a break from the sun?
  29. Modawg2k

    Air or No Air?

    Should the valve body area be full of water or should there be air in there? This picture shows it with water in there but I've noticed that if I do not bleed the pump all the way then water does not fill up this area and the pump functions fine.
  30. Modawg2k

    Pentair Triton Air Bleeder Valve Leak

    Just made a quick video to show the problem. Any thoughts? Update: I tried teflon tape but the leak is still there. Update #2: I applied teflon lubricant to the air bleeder screw, I can still hear a little air coming out