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  1. wjr75

    Loop LOC Ultra-III Cover Replacement

    Hello All, We need to replace are old 15 year old Loop Loc cover solid cover with center window drain. What's the verdic on this new Loop Loc cover Ultra-III cover? We need the solid cover with drains because we have a wading pool with spill over that can't use the mesh otherwise it...
  2. wjr75

    Is there still an online version of pool math on this site?

    Looking for pool math on the new site.
  3. wjr75

    Looking to buy a replacement Polaris 1-516-03 Metal Blower 1.5HP 4 Amps 240v Spa B.

    Hello, So I have been trying to replace my old hardwired spa blower, a Zodiac Polaris 1-516-03 Metal Blower 1-1/2HP 4 Amps Bottom Exhaust, 240V. I ordered it twice online from two different vendors and was sent a different blower both times... a plastic Jandy PSB215. This blower is...
  4. wjr75

    Replace a Zodiac Polaris spa blower 2hp with a 1.5hp

    Hello, I have an older Zodiac Polaris 2hp 240v metal spa blower 1-566-03 that bit the dust. It really was over powering for our spa but the kids loved it. It only powers the 4 floor jets in the bottom of our spa not the side jets. I want to exchange it with the 1.5hp 1-516-03 hoping that...
  5. wjr75

    Firefox Font Size

    Hello, just got a new probook 17" I5 8th gen core. The font size is really small in Firefox. It is not small in internet explorer. Anyway to adjust in Firefox?
  6. wjr75

    Advice on patching a pergola pillar crack

    Hello, I'm looking for advice as what to use to fill in this vertical crack in one of my pergola pillars. I thought it was concrete but looking closer it has thread like material holding it together. Last time it was filled in with Bondo but didn't last that long. We have huge temp swings...
  7. wjr75

    Polaris 280 broken relief valve..Jimmy rigging Idea?

    My Polaris 280 pressure relief valve blew out the small disc that is in the top of the screwed in part on the side of the wall connector. I ordered a new one online but may take up to 5-6 days to receive. Any Jimmy rigging idea's so I can clean my pool in the mean time:)? I don't have a manual vac.
  8. wjr75

    Chlorine Poolife NST Tablets

    I would like to get some feedback/reviews on this new product. This does not add any CYA and is a calcium based product. Does anyone know how much calcium is added per 3" tab? The pricing looks to be little high at this point but this may have potential in my case since I need to add 10lbs of...
  9. wjr75

    How much MA to drop the TA

    Hello All, How much MA would be required over time to drop my TA from 80ppm to 50ppm in a 900 gallon hot tub? I want to add boric acid once the TA gets down to around 50ppm without having to test TA all the time prior. Thanks Will
  10. wjr75

    Party Today Won't believe what Happened

    So I had a pool party today which turned out great in the end. Tested everything the last few days everything perfect. Yesterday afternoon I start to notice a slight cloudiness to my eyes. Bother Inlaw says it looks great. I'm like hmm? Test again..FC 3ppm above target and no cc reading. We just...
  11. wjr75

    Pool Light Replacement Conduit Plugged

    Hello, I have a pool company out right now trying to replace my pool light and seal off the leak to the conduit. At the cross box there is sealant in the conduit at a the bend about a foot in and they are having trouble clearing it. They were pulling out the old wire cable and it broke...
  12. wjr75

    Seconf Year Pebble Sheen and low CH

    Hello Everyone, This is the second summer for our Pebble Sheen Finish. When it was applied last year the CH was around 130 but quickly rose by it's self to 260. This year with a new fill I have a CH of 130. Can I expect the CH to raise again by its self or should I get some...
  13. wjr75

    Water Coming out of Spa Air Intakes

    Just opened our pool and the spa jets are not fully turning on as full strength as usual. There is also water coming out of the two air intakes on top of the spa. Any ideas what is causing this and a fix? Thanks.
  14. wjr75

    Ph Preference

    My pool seems crisper/clearer at 7.2ph verses 7.5. What do you guys and gals try to keep your ph at? Of course it always is going up on me :D
  15. wjr75

    Friends Pool Numbers

    Trying to help a friend. His TA and PH are out of wack. TF-100 Test numbers FC=1ppm CC=0 CYA=70 CH=100 ph=below 6.8 TA=Was pink after adding the two drops R0007 and 5 drops of R-0008 does this mean less than 10? How do I tackle the TA and PH? The pool is 13000gallon Above ground liner non SWG...
  16. wjr75

    Pebble Sheen Replaster Complete Chip Out or Not

    The PB company just started my re-plaster job going from old white plaster to pebble sheen. They are doing a complete chip out in our spa which the old plaster had been chipping off. The subcontractor that is prepping the pool indicated that the main pool doesn't need to be completely chipped...
  17. wjr75

    Spa Borate Question

    Hello, I have a pool and spa with overflow. We just closed the pool and have the spa open. I want to continue using the BBB method. It looks like I should add some borax to increase my Borates to 50ppm according to Chem Geek from a previous post. Is this right?? The pool calculator...
  18. wjr75

    5ml FC test verses 10ml

    I know this has been debated before but just want to get a clearer answer in my mind. Right now I have a CYA of 70ppm and keep my FC at a 8ppm target (Use the TF-100). I want to use less of the regent so instead of 10ml I want to use 5ml of water sample. Can I use 5ml and count each drop as...
  19. wjr75

    BBB Method for Spa After Pool Closing

    Hello All, I live in the Midwest and we close our pool at the end of September and keep the attached hot tub open until December. I started using the BBB method this July after my CYA hit 90 ..did a partial drain to get it down to 70 and hold my target FC at 8ppm (Have the TF-100). The...
  20. wjr75

    Spectrum Amerlite (SAM) color wheel light Problem

    Hello All! I have a 10 year old Spectrum Amerlite (SAM) color wheel pool lite. It's controlled by a Aqualink RS8. It turns on for about 15 minutes and works fine. Then it turns off completely. It will then turn on again manually or by its self in about about 10-15 minutes. If anyone has...
  21. wjr75

    Peeble Sheen Replaster Cost

    Hello All! I'm in the process in getting a Pebble Sheen replaster quote. Can you please share your costs if you have had this done. Thanks in advance!
  22. wjr75

    Gunite Replaster Pebble Tech or Diamond Brite

    Hello Everyone! We need to get our gunite hot tub replastered next spring and are considering options of the pool of either getting it replastered or possibly just buffed if that is an option. The pool is about 10 yours old. I had two bids this spring and didn't pull the trigger due...
  23. wjr75

    Pool Slide Water Ports Scratch people

    Hi Guys, We have a pool slide that I'm not sure of the type but attached a photo. The water ports on the sides are like a cheese grater. We have had two people get scratched when going down and rubbing on them. Are there any caps or new ports that won't scratch people? Thanks!
  24. wjr75

    High CYA

    Hi Guys, I have learned a lot from you guys after opening my pool this year. Unfortuantley I'm not home all the time and need to use my auto chlorinator with some Lesie's pool 3" pucks. When I opened my pool they had me put in 6lbs of stabilizer after a fresh fill. I also had some...
  25. wjr75

    Gunite Discoloring

    Hi Guys, I changed out my cartridge on my sta-rite 450sq/ft last weekend. The filter was not cleaned when the pool company closed my hot tub in December last year and was in a black garbage bag until I just cleaned it. We close our pool end of September and keep the hut tub open until...
  26. wjr75

    New to TFP

    Hello All, First I would like to say that this site is great! Just bought a FT-100 and ran some tests listed below. I live in IL and have my pool drained/power washed and acid washed before filling every spring. FC-4.5 CC=0 TA=210 CYA=55 ( Not sure how accurate..added 6lbs of CYA to the...